Meditation has to be your love affair, not your greed

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Meditation is possible only through love, not through greed. Many people start meditating out of greed, they think they will get this and they will get that. They are interested in esoteric powers, in miracles, in all kinds of stupid things. But then meditation is not going to happen at all. From the very beginning they have taken a wrong step.

Meditation has to be your love affair, not your greed. Greed kills love, greed is poison to love. One loves for love's sake -- for no other reason, for no other motive. If one can meditate for the sheer joy of meditating, then something happens some day which is incalculable, immeasurable. It takes you beyond time, beyond mind. It takes you to the infinite, it takes you to the other shore. But these are all by-products.

You should not hanker for the other shore. If you meditate just to go to the other shore, meditation will never happen. If you simply meditate, meditation is going to happen and the other shore will follow as a natural course.

One should not meditate to achieve anything. Much is achieved, but that is not to be your motive. It has to be left to god. You meditate and whenever you are ready... whatsoever you are ready for, is bound to happen.

Nature is very generous. It is very just too, it is never unfair. If you are worthy of something you will get it, you are bound to get it. Not even a single moment will be lost; you will get it immediately. If you don't deserve it.

It is only in deep meditation that one becomes aware of god and also becomes aware that he is constantly watching you. Not even for a single moment are you left alone. He never abandons you. You can go astray, you can runaway from god as far as you can, but he follows you like a shadow, he remains in the deepest core of your being.

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Beautiful and true

So true and critical, a pitfall that so many fall into: meditations is the means and the end. No reasoning should be applied to the act of meditation. This is one of the trickiest tricks of spirituality.

It should not be employed due to any purpose or desire. Not even for the sake of "sheer joy of meditating" or "love" which most do not experience.

But this does not mean that one should forsake meditation when the reasons are gone. Meditation should be done without supporting reasons. I doesn't make sense.

There are trickiest minds of the opposite that come with reasons why not to meditate. This is the same pattrern of trick.

Meditation is an effort, is a doing, in the beginning, for most people, who are not satvic, it is not the natural flow. So what can be then the motive, the force, that will convince one to meditate in the beginning? After all, the mechanical conditioned mind needs a motive to do something, especially if it involves effort.

There is only one such motive: trust, the inborn willingness to be an instrument, to be insignificant, to be out of control.

Soon later, when one is drawn into it, meditation is not an effort or doing anymore. Then no motive or will power is needed. Then it is like a love affair, like eating, like sleeping, like making love - all those natural things that happen to us without us needing mind reasons to do them.

sisi | Fri, 04/08/2011 - 08:54