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Now, what is meditation? As in everything that we have been doing through out eternity, there is evolution, such as television, from black and white, then colour, then hd, led now it 3d.
So my question is has meditation evolved? Discuss, I would like to hear everyone's feedback.

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Meditations evolve in order

Meditations evolve in order to comply with the changes of men - we are more active, more hectic, more disturbed, more impatient and so there are new types of meditations, such as the ones of Osho, that take into account our new modern states of minds.

But meditation in essence cannot change as mind in its essence does not change, as the body does not change, as the soul does not change, as God does not change. And so meditation is the same in its essence - a way of the mind to go beyond itself, a way of the mind to witness its content and thus quieten itself and see beyond, the only way of the mind to try to go beyond itself without any help of anything beyond the body and the mind, like medicines, gurus, paranormal help and so on. Meditation is the capability of the mind to lift itself by pulling up its hair. The hair didn't change and so the meditation.

robert | Mon, 04/22/2013 - 11:31
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meditation is not man-made

meditation is not man-made and so as all things that are not man-made (rivers, clouds, flowers) it stays the same in its essence.

meditation is man-made and so as all things that are man-made (eating, talking, making love) it changes in its form.

leo | Fri, 04/26/2013 - 10:40