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hello there,

today i need to know your views about meditation,what does it mean actually ?why we perform meditaion,how it helps us in spritual growth?

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Reasons varied

But I meditate out of habit. I maintain that habit because

* sitting daily in meditating practice quiets my mind.
* when my mind is quiet, I feel at peace. This is a temporary escape, however, like taking a meditation hit for 20-45 minutes per session.

However, practicing to ignore my thoughts, everyday for 20-45 minutes per sitting session, by focusing my mind on a simple neutral object (breath, mantra, innerbody awareness, so on), enables me to focus my mind on my breath during the day when my mind becomes too active with troubling thoughts that cause me problems, or trigger, or bring up, unpleasant emotions (anxiety, stress, worry) buried in the subconscious.

And, coming back full cicle, when my mind mind is still, I feel at peace.

However, I found that sometimes that even when my mind is still, negative emotions that were repressed and buried in the subconscious, can rise to the surface. Sometimes these pain emotions, or feelings, are associated with a specific memory of an event. Sometimes not. They're just some vague sense of unease. When these suppressed negative emotions arise, then can obscure that ever present Peace that is always there, but often obscured by thoughts and particularly negative emotions.

I use Vipassana to process these negative emotions, so that there are fewer and fewer of them to rise up and obscure Peace.

Summary: I ignore my thoughts by focusing my mind on some object (breath, counting, inner energy field of body, mantra). And I consciously, with awareness, feel, experience, whatever negative emotions come up, so they can process and pass through and rather than get repressed and buried in the subconscious like garbage piling up in the basement stinking up my life experience.

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