Meditation's Realization

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there are the likes of Yogis and even gurus and gods
who meditate for decades
sometimes for more than 20 hours a day
with the thought: “I control Samadhi”
-- “I must be some sort of god because I pick and chose my Samadhi”
this thought can never “realize”
that nobody can control Samadhi, Kundalini
because it is in control – Self simply makes thoughts appear as if the person is in control of Self/Samadhi.

Nobody can ever go into Samadhi
because – meditation or NOT -- Samadhi, Kundalini, Shakti ... literally “comes-up” out of nowhere to take thoughts (a person) out: to be Samadhi.

this basic understanding: thoughts cannot go into Samadhi
BECAUSE they are ALWAYS IN Samadhi, Self, Kundalini ...

this “awareness” -- that a person can never do anything to get to Samadhi, Kundalini, because it is Samadhi that literally takes the person out - to be Samadhi/Self

This “awareness” -- that thoughts go on a wild-goose chase to catch Samadhi
makes the difference between the wild-goose-chase called Realization
and its Realization.

... a wild-goose-chase that
Samadhi, Self, Kundalini ends
by taking thoughts out
to be Self.

-- O'no