The meaning of the word “enlightenment”.

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The meaning of the word “enlightenment”.
“The word enlightenment means finding the truth clearly after clarification of all the doubts. This can happen in any branch of knowledge. But this word is generally used in spiritual knowledge. Gita is the enlightened knowledge of Upanishads. My divine knowledge is the enlightenment of Gita. The enlightenment means that the torch light is put on and the illusions disappeared.

The truth is perfectly revealed and all the doubts are cleared, when the soul and the intelligence are simultaneously convinced by the divine knowledge which analyses the spiritual concepts in coherence with the scriptures. The enlightenment comes resulting in the determination that leads into practice. Thus practice is the sign of enlightenment. The enlightenment of Gita is the realization of the essence of Upanishats which is the concept of the human incarnation.

In Veda, it is mentioned that God entered the world for real enjoyment (Tadevanu Pravasat). This point is clearly elaborated in Gita because everywhere in Gita, Krishna has stressed that He is directly Lord. The essence of Upanishats is this point only but it is stressed with full clarity in Gita and this is the enlightenment of Upanishats through Gita. In Gita it is mentioned that the Lord will come again and again whenever there is requirement. This point is stressed with full clarity in My divine knowledge and thus Gita is enlightened through My divine knowledge.
At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
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