Is this Manolaya or temporary stillness of mind?

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Dear Friends,

My deep gratitude for being here. I have been experiencing periods of deep stillness where there are no thoughts, no experience of myself. These are interspersed with periods where I am aware of myself but there is still an experience of stillness and thoughts come and go but do not affect the stillness. I came across this article written on Manolaya in Ramana Maharshi's teachings and would like to ask on this. Could anyone please guide me through this...What is going through with me - is this Manolaya?

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Indeed Manolaya

Dear Supriya, indeed what you describe seems exactly like Manolaya, which is simply a temporary cessation of the thought process (as opposed to Manonasa which is the permanent cessation of the thought process).

Though the following will re-initiate the thought process, when you enter this state, after some time and in a soft and relaxed way, you should ask yourself mentally: who is it that experiences this Manolaya? Don't expect a verbal answer and don't try to answer the question, just ask and let the question point to the pointless.

Was there some specific practice that you were doing before you started to experience this state?

erez | Tue, 07/23/2013 - 19:13
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Dear Erez, Thank you so much

Dear Erez,
Thank you so much for your guidance, it is very reassuring to know other people who have these experiences. I will follow your suggestion. The article in which I had read about Manolaya had the same suggestion as you offered. However I do find that when I go through these periods of stillness, the identification is so weak almost not there and hence any mental question seems strange. Could you please share your perspective on this.

I had experienced periods of this kind as a child. As I got older they became less so and they came back more intensely and for longer periods when I started doing spiritual practices like Naad Yoga and meditation. When I saw Ramana Maharshi and started practicing his teachings, these periods started occurring spontaneously without any external practice. Nowadays I experience these periods of profound stillness interspersed with short periods of mental activity against the background of stillness.

I pray to Ramana Maharshi to guide me on this path and am grateful for your kind words and guidance.

Supriya | Tue, 07/23/2013 - 23:35
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Indeed sounds as manolaya

Indeed sounds as manolaya (not that the name has any importance). I second erez in his advice. you are very lucky to have that experience in such an easy and spontaneous way, it means your mind happens to be relatively soft and weak (this is an advantage).

One important comment: invoke the self enquiry question only when you feel that it is time to do it, don't impose it, take your time, at some point during the manolaya it will simply come naturally.

george | Wed, 07/24/2013 - 06:14
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Thank you George for your

Thank you George for your guidance....I find this very reassuring.

Supriya | Wed, 07/24/2013 - 18:08
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Observing and thinking

Observation in which there is no Center, having no direction or urge or purpose has no relation to the act of Thinking.

Either the Thinker sets the agenda and directs or guides the thought or they arise from our past experiences. There can never be a new and original discovery through thought.

Having come to something new is the birth of something that would not need confirmation from others.

joejo | Mon, 07/29/2013 - 04:13