Love and pain

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Why God created love of ones to others? IS loving a person purely a wrong thing?

Why do we show our care and kindness and affection to a person whom we think they are our world?

Why does God created love first, then made us to shower all our care and everything to them and made us to aim for something ... nothing but our life togetherness with the person? Why God made us to feel some desires?

Why God has showered life with blessings initially, making our mind tot hink positively for all, like seeing or feeling our desire getting succeeding and finally ending with failure?

Why God has given pain for the loved heart of both side and making to wait patiently for getting it to win again?

Pain is something which heart is not able to tolerate and the gap between two loved hearts now is like gap between height of highest mountain and the lower end of the montain?

Will I get God's blessing to get back my loved life? Will I get a Chance to regain all my happiness back in order to serve my family, society and my beloved one with same care, kind, affection, trueness, and love?

What should I do now?

Guruji, please bless me with your warmth love and support and blessings.

Prayers and Confidence ~ Gods child