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If love survives death in eternity, how human can replace one person by another ? Can we say that we love somebody, that God chose it for us, but we have to be with someone else beacuse of karma? Don't we have free will to work on our karma? If we choose to hurt someone is our willing, God doesn't push us to do it, does it?

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What is commonly known as love is but a shadow of Love, a distorted reflection in the mirror of mind, a whisper on the wind that reminds of the ever-present essence to which mind is blind and for which heart continually craves.

Our loving relationships ARE our karmic unfolding of life's dichotomy. Love will clothe itself to taunt, and then reveal to you it's illusions that you may know what Love is not.

Genuine Love is not personal. Seek it and you have denied it's presence. Persue it and you are persued by it's imaginary twin. Grasp for it and it turns to mist. Free yourself from all claim to it and it envelops you and moves through you.

You must see that you do not know Love because it does not appear as you would have it appear. You cannot hold Love, because it is holding you. You cannot command Love, because you live by it's grace. You cannot be loving, cannot be loved, can never find Love. You can only BE Love, because you ARE Love. Be what you are.

Phroggy | Wed, 12/31/2008 - 00:23