Links about psychic abilities through the sensing of body energy ("Inner body")

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I found some very good resources on the net about the acquiring of psychic abilities through the sensing of the energetic body, the inner body (relates to the subject in

The emphasis is on practical techniques, less theory.

The one I want to share today is It's a to-the-point excellent article about Psychic Visioning by George A. Boyd.

I quote from there:

The ability to use psychic visioning is mediated through your Psychic Vehicle. Fantasy and memories arising from your Subconscious mind frequently contaminate this subtle sensing.

Psychic visioning goes through several stages until it reaches maturity. These stages are shown below.

Astral Sensing - when your attention first enters your astral body in the Subconscious mind, you may obtain your first glimpses through the astral senses. These will allow you to look through objects, to hear frequencies beyond your range of normal hearing, and to sense the vibratory quality of objects and other people.

I encourage others to share if they find good links too.

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Body sensations and astral projection

Here is an excellent article on the sensing of body sensations and other experiences that imply readiness and transformation into the ability of astral projection:

"Generally speaking, the (vibrating) sensations that precede projection stem from your consciousness shifting into a different part of your being. This is probably unlike anything you've ever felt before because it doesn't happen very often. (While we all leave our bodies every night, our CONSCIOUSNESS generally does not. Our subconscious minds are in charge when we're dreaming.)"

Jibanda | Sat, 02/25/2012 - 12:35