The levels of abuse and debasement of a student at the hands Master Chrism

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Chris Mitchell is by far one of the most covert and spiritually disgusting so called teachers I have ever witnessed. He has every single attribute of a cult leader.

As someone who works on the etheric realms and is no stranger to kundalini or siddhis and unique abilities, I can confidently say that I have helped several of his former devotee's who have been in a state of total imbalance and in some cases extreme anxiety and almost terror. The level of fear mongering that is done to keep people in a state of dependence and conformity is alone such a violation of the personal balance and stability that should be ones own right.

He causes a person to feel relief because he is quit knowledgable in matters of kundalini and he comes across as a voice of reason in a time of great uncertainty. He comes in as an ally stating that he will intervene for your best interests and your not alone etc etc.... all of the things that would calm anyone down in a crisis.

This induces a sense of trust and false intimacy with Chrism and many believe that he genuinely cares about them. So they consider when he asks them to become a student, that it might be beneficial.

As a student, the first thing he requires of you is that you surrender your kundalini to him. This immediately creates a split and imbalance, as you now have to stay plugged into him in order to feel your own kundalini. AS if that was not enough, he asks you to surrender your life your finances, family, spouse, sexuality, all of the 5 bodies, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological. He also requires that you surrender your soul to him. Now this is alarming and very scary for someone like me who has dismantled the work of all kinds of dark arts. Black magic and voodoo. If you surrender your soul to anyone, they can lay claim to that part of you to fuel and empower any of their own personal intentions and ambitions on many levels. I have dismantled curses where the souls of the deceased have been enslaved to do the bidding of another, this is commonly known as necromancy, however.... it can be done while this person is still living and loosely attached to the soul they just handed over.

The next phases of degradation are designed to completely disconnect you from yourself so that you become totally engrossed in him and his teachings and stare at his picture for several hours per day feeding him your energy constantly. He begins to require that you are naked on video chats with him and that you show your anus and spread your groin area open so that he can stare into your orifices. There is masturbation required eventually he will commission you to come to visit him at his so called ashram in santa rosa, california. This will be the only thing he talks to you about and will withold all forms of nurturing or comforting or teaching and guidance spending minnimal amount of time helping you until you conform to his next level of requirements.

These students feel like they are being abandoned and worthlessness begins to sink in. They often frantically scramble to get funds together and arrange to go and stay with him for a week or more at his ashram because the feelings of desperation are setting in. They are at this point so off balance and lost within themselves that they feel they have no choice.

Once at his ashram they are exposed to further sexual violations and he becomes very different in person. The nurturing and guidance turns into manipulative demands and outbursts that include extreme anger and temper projections. He will say that his kundalini tells him to do all of these things and that it is because that persons ego needed that teaching. But this is all a lie. This is a weak man trying to justify levels upon levels of heinous abuses of power that he helped himself to when he meets people who are in desperate situations. This is 100% predatory behavior and it is no different than a child predator.

He has also been reported to do these things with females who are still considered minors... under the age of legal adult.

Whenever his behavior becomes a point of serious public contention among his group members and followers, he simply says that none of it is true and that it was entities that jumped into these people and made them tell these horrible lies about him. He plays the ultimate victim and says "the only thing about this that I dont understand is why shakti allowed it to happen"

This man is nothing but spiritually rotten and totally dark. Please if you are considering becoming his student just know that you will need some serious soul retrieval work and removal of some nasty entities after he is finished with you. He dismantles all of your natural spiritual defense systems to allow himself into you in every way, but unfortunately this is not all that gets let into you.

If you have been a victim of this predator, please seek spiritual help. There are people out there who can help you. You just need to find them.

If you need a kundalini teacher, or guru, or someone to guide you, I strongly recommend that you develop your own relationship with your higher power and ask for truth and clarity in all things every day. This will do wonders for you. Search grounding meditations on youtube and search other kundalini topics on youtube by different people. Chrism is not the only one and you would do best to steer clear.


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I know every bit of this to

I know every bit of this to be true and will save more later and post my own.. but for now I can't thank you enough for your time and effort and to getting the truth out here!! this man is all about taking advantage of people. This man... he is not a man.

kactive_ethics | Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:41
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Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing.

Adarna | Wed, 05/23/2018 - 07:29
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I looked into Kundalini back

I looked into Kundalini back in 2007/2008 to find an explanation to the symptoms I was experiencing at the time. There was another "Kundalini Teacher" that I had stumbled upon first, one who also has their own set of issues. I found Chrism back in 2010/2011. I was entering my mid-twenties at the time. I went across to San Fran (Ashram in Santa Rosa) from Australia in April 2011. I was there, in the States, for well over a month. When Chrism assessed me via our Skype calls, he didn't ask to see my genitals or ask me to do the things mentioned above. I assume this is something that came after our cohort (i.e. 2011 residents). Perhaps he learned from us about how he might groom people better based on the issues he had with myself and 'Gemma' (not her real name), and maybe a few others (who knows). Most of the "abuse" claims seem to arise from 2012.

He did do that whole surrender to him/Kundalini though his photo thing with us. I remember there were several delays with my flight. Plane issues and then San Fran fog. Chrism was supposed to pick me up. Coincidentally, the person I sat with on the flight was being picked up by someone that was sitting next to Chrism. So, we were able to speak on the phone. I was mortified that he openly said to the passenger next to me that he was my "Master". I dismissed that by saying that it was his way of joking. I didn't like the whole calling Chrism "Master" thing, and quite frankly felt very embarrassed by it.

There were several residents at the Ashram when I went. Three other females and two other males. I went with Chrism and another female on a road trip across California and through other states to visit spiritual sites. We even went across to Phoenix to see a fellow student. I learned on that trip that Chrism had been jobless for sometime, and had employment on-and-off throughout his life.

There was a real focus on nudity in one-on-one or group sessions, but I wasn't surprised by that as it was mentioned by other students at the Ashram. For example, when us four girls went with
Chrism to a local bath house/steam house, we all went naked into that pool. The other girls placed their hands on me (not on my genitals mind you) in an activity around energy. This made me feel very uncomfortable, as I had discomfort around being nude and also people touching me. Retrospectively, having done a three year somatic-based trauma/nervous system regulation course I can understand why.

I went travelling, as I said, with another female (also from overseas) with Chrism. Let's call her Kate. At each of the overnight stops, he wanted to do some form of "kundalini-based" exercise. There was one where he asked us to touch the physical place of each chakra on his nude body, and to inhale the energy there. I allowed Kate to go right ahead, as she seemed to be eager to do these weird exercises. Me, not so much, it kinda grossed me out. Energy is energy, and I didn't see how cupping someones balls and sniffing their crotch would make you more enlightened or make it easier to absorb energy. Kate took every opportunity she could to cuddle up to Chrism in the hope that his energy would awaken her own Kundalini, including sleeping in the same bed as him to be in his energetic presence. I opted to sleep by myself in a separate room, or in the other bed if the two beds were in the same room. I could go on. Kate did all this because she was only going to be in the USA for a very short time, and wanted to make the most of the energy Chrism purported he could provide to activate her own Kundalini; hers had not awakened. Kate, who was about ten years older than myself, had the audacity to give me a word about my lack of willingness to participate in the activities Chrism was offering for spiritual growth.

When we got back to the Ashram, Gemma said that she was having private sessions with Chrism in the caravan. He was getting her to go nude and was spanking her, as a means of getting her to surrender. He insisted that music/singing, which was her passion, was someone she had to let go of. Chrism got really agitated when Gemma and I had private conversations. We were sharing a room together. Chrism would burst in to the room and check on what we were doing. Yes, we were having whispered conversations about the strange behaviours in the Ashram. Gemma wanted to leave. She had the opportunity to do so, as two of her friends lived in the nearby area. I was able to meet her friends, as she invited me out to lunch with them and to visit their home. Gemma left shortly after that.

When I was at the Ashram, Chrism had a lot of people he needed to attend to, including online sessions. Yes, he bitched about other people and other Kundalini teachers. While Chrism didn't ask for money for himself, he did ask that we give money to the home-owner (who as you may know is a hoarder, hence why there is a lot of stuff in the backyard). We did chip in on the road trip. And I think a few visitors gave donations, although there wasn't an expectation you had to. Unless it is something I missed and it was something implicit. I was finally diagnosed with Autism (without an intellectual disability) a few years after this incident.

Anyhow, I could go on. my disinterest in what Chrism was offering meant that he cut all contact with me when I left. And I never went back to that group. I can't say if he ever talked about me to others in a negative light after I disengaged from his group. I was too preoccupied with life to ever think of what happened after, and only looked into things last year and this year (now).

Peppercorns | Sun, 12/01/2019 - 08:27