Learning from Guru

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Shri Dattatreya had twenty-four teachers/preceptors from nature. The earth, air/breeze, sky, fire, the sun, pigeon, python, sea, moth, elephant, ant, fish, Pingala the courtesan, arrow-maker, infant/playful boy, the moon, honeybee, deer, bird of prey, maiden, serpent, spider, caterpillar and water are my twenty four preceptors. When the lord acquired wisdom freely from them,by wandering in the world, we can too.

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Learning from Guru

There is truth here, as we are also just a creation of nature.

Even the great Tai Chi and Karate Masters all used techniques found by watching animals!

Bohdidharma, the great master who brought Chan to China from India, is claimed to have listened to ants scream for 10 years!

The Guru points, nothing more!

Awareness is all if one wants to hear the guru's call!

ONLYPILL | Fri, 08/21/2009 - 00:25