Kundalini Awakening Sucks

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I joined this site and am writing this post for one reason, to possibly get some answers to what for me has been a very strange and difficult odyssey.

Apparently my Kundalini was awakened about 5 years ago. I had absolutely no idea what was going on for the first 3 1/2 years. It was only when someone I confided in recognized the symptoms and told me what they thought it was. I Googled it and sure enough it's a dead ringer for what I've experienced.

I am open minded, just having this Kundalini thing is bizarre enough for me to disavow other spiritual explanations. The challenge I am having right now is that so much of what I read seems very dogmatic and simply is not resonating with me. I read about this type of energy and that type of energy and there are 3 stages of this and 5 stages of that and Kundalini is dangerous without a master and some articles say the solution is to ground the energy and basically make it dormant again while others say to clear the channel so it can continue upwards and blah blah blah.

...lots of very detailed "out there" explanations, and they often conflict with each other.

Suffice it to say, much, most actually of what I read is a turn off to me. I don't like it when spiritual seekers read book knowledge of others and parrot back what they read and use the right buzzwords without REALLY experiencing what they are talking about.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to "watch the symptoms" without judgement etc etc etc...it doesn't change the fact that I am trying to keep a business from failing while raising kids and some days I have to lie in bed unable to function and crying for no good reason- or twitching and spasming like my whole body is being electrocuted. The newest one is extreme stiffness and pain in my neck.

I want to understand what is happening. But I would like to have this understanding without being tainted by a lot of rhetoric. For example I am open to ideas such as Kundalini is burning of lifetimes worth of karma- but it doesn't really resonate with me and more importantly it doesn't help me much.

I want concrete answers. Will the suffering stop? Will it get worse before it gets better? Will this energy eventually find its way to my crown? If so, what happens then? I've read several times that awakening without being ready or having a master is very dangerous- hey, I sure as hell didn't do this on purpose and where am I supposed to find a "Master"??...Master of what exactly? Any input is welcome. As I mentioned, I'm open minded to anything, but will greatly appreciate down to earth simple answers (especially from others that have actually experienced this) vs. a lot of spiritual "isms". Thank You, ksquyres

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bro u r not alone.

about 2 year ago, My kundalini was awakened.
I didn't know anything about any such energy.
I didn't know if there was anything like chakras in the body also.
my 3rd year of engg had ended at that time, and i had come back home for the holidays.
My parents didn't know anything about chakras also, forget kundalini.
I had no one to ask or talk. I tried to refer some religious text books also, but couldn't understand anything.
I was (for many days) getting thoughts of running away from home. But I obviously have responsibilities towards my parents, so I just stopped meditating for almost an year!

But I have a guruji, He is super awesome, god-like, for me he is god. So actually I waited to go and ask him.
By that time it was dormant again.

but in the last one year, iv studied a lot of books,
i think its not just un-clean prana that is a problem.
A LOT is dependant on mind, and the lifestyle after your awakening. So cleansing + gaining knowledge from books + having some saint (or guru) who really is an awesome meditator. for you i would say u need all 3.

Else if you just hate it, stop meditating for a while -
but seriously let me tell you - its really really difficult to awaken again. I have not been able to.
I now have different experiences. I've felt all the chakras again, but I hv not been able to awaken it.
It is a gift, I would suggest you to gain a lot of knowledge from books.

I read this book -
Kundalini Yoga - Swami Satyanand Saraswati

I NEVER had any habit of reading, hell I didn't read any book fully in my life, not in school, not in college. but i've read like 5-6 good thick books fully in couple of months.

Don't read on internet man ! I've started coming on internet after reading those books. And I would suggest you also don't come back till you read a couple of books And find a true saint. Else converse with one true saint on internet. Never go around running from site to site.

Read Not just about kundalini. Read gita. Read about spirituality. Patanjalya Yoga pradeep (wrong spelling, sorry)

mittaladitya89 | Sun, 03/25/2012 - 10:33
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Side note :

Try bhakti. I dunno about you, I never really try to devote myself to any god. I believed only in human expansion.
But Bhakti is really really awesome and beautiful.
Try giving half an hour, to only the god that you pray to.
Only asking for his presence, nothing else.
thanking him for making you a creature that can pray to him.

This is all I know.

mittaladitya89 | Sun, 03/25/2012 - 10:38
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Try him

Kundalini awakening and taking it to top of your head means end of road to Everything. You become God yourself. So, kundalini is the super power controlling the entire universe. You need to see someone who's this power fully awakened and is in total control of it, not the power controlling him as in your case.
See the following Guru on this website:
He is your answer to everything about Kundalini, theoritical and practical. www.yogkundalini.com

johnny.j | Wed, 01/30/2013 - 08:43