Init Chasm

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Hi fellow seekers, I'm looking for information regarding the issue of "Init Chasm", can't find something significant on the net although it's discussed a lot lately.


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init chasm

Init chasm, short for "initiation chasm", is a phenomenon that relates to the intermediate stage of initiation of a fulfillment of an idea, just after the conception of the idea and its planning and just before its execution.

It sounds complicated but it's straightforward - you have an idea (conception stage), you are fulfilling this idea (execution stage) - in between, there is a transition phase, an intermediate stage called initiation (init) stage.

The init chasm speaks about the deficiency of the specific energy required in the initiation of any execution of an idea. In Chinese medicine this energy is related to the wood element (while conception is water element and execution is fire element). In certain cases, the energy available for this short but essential stage experiences a sharp drop, hence the "chasm" in the name.

Consequently, the one with the idea in mind cannot continue to the fulfillment of the idea, no matter how brilliant and simple the idea is and no matter how well the execution of this idea is planned.

I'm sure you came across those brilliant people that often come with these genius ideas and are not lazy at all and still they never manage to pass between the conception of the idea and its execution, all their ideas are ultimately left on the design board. They usually suffer from init chasm.

angel76 | Sun, 12/27/2015 - 20:10
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Simply put it's when you

Simply put it's when you experience problems with your "ignition", with the starting of doing things, with the supply of energy to start doing something either because of lack of that specific energy that is required to initiate tasks or because of blockages of energy of some sort.

People procrastinating things they have to do usually suffer from init chasm and are benefited enormously by the tools that fix this problem.

nelo | Mon, 12/28/2015 - 11:46