Indians are loosing their identification with ancient invention

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India, Indian have contributed and are still continuously contributing to world’s entire. Since time immemorial Indian Siddhar’s particularly from Tamil Nadu South India have continuously worked, created and invented world’s most wonderful, ever available, guarantee solution for wordily life as well inner self detachment experience(s). Examples are in the area of numeric, architectural, geological, medical, energy level sciences, mind, body soul stages, about astrology, numerology, atoms, molecule, particles, karma, all level of conscious mind, physics, metaphysics, biological, chemical, atmosphere, darkness, light, planets, solar system, galaxy as known and unknown universe existence secrets. There are many ancient as well pure modern Gurus / Siddhar. The earliest of them are Saptarishi (Seven Rishi), 18 Siddhars (Highest Intellectually Evolvement in human form). There are reasons why all of those gurus, yogis, spiritual masters, medical health contributors, emotional health advisers have standard official Indian, Hinduism foundation, appearance, system and ethics. There are steps to be adhered to every time by disciples, students, gurus upon starting to learn and practicing those techniques for self as well others. As Indians were a compassionate community, they allowed others to affect the original essences due to dis-identifying origin of the ART, sometimes not revealing the founder guru/siddhar’s name. Some even go to the extent of saying that those techniques are universal, non-religious, non-Hindu, it i scientific and can be practiced by anyone. From the compassionate point of view this is correct. But from the identification point of view, such behavior loses its original value. The inventor’s or founder’s name is forgotten and sooner or later other communities, races and religious groups start to claim those techniques as their own. It’s a great sin then because the Indians are denying the heritage for the future generation of Indians! Let’s talk about a specific Indian Art called Yoga Sutra! Even though it is recorded as 5000 years old and written by Maharishi Patanjali Yogi, the original essence was created Yugas ago by the Siddhars. Anyway, what’s wrong when a individual who learns yoga or meditation wishes to thank or greet those great souls who created them? In general, the principle of learning involves greeting and respecting the original teacher(s), inventor(s) of those knowledge or techniques. If we talk about any invention such as the electric light, the telephone, we remember the inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell respectively. If the user of the electric light and telephone is not of the same religion or race as the inventors, does it matter? They are not required to convert to religion and race of the inventors to use the light & telephone.
Why to use Yoga, Meditation Indian essences someone think that they will lose their original religion beliefs?

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very well said. People of India are losing their actual values and running towards the western culture but the ultimate fate is that now they are neither eastern nor western, neither they are able to retain their values nor they are able to accept western culture as well. Today people just want to show that they have achieved something, say spiritual advancement, but they are not ready to accept and greet those great souls who gave this treasure of knowledge to them.
Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma | Thu, 10/13/2011 - 07:42