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My divine sisters and brothers around the world ,
sonagiri is projecting a very blissful , powerful and shaktiful 6 weeks PILGRIMAGE in SOUTH INDIA ( TAMIL NADU , ANDHRA PRADESH , KARNATAKA and KERALA )in NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2011, for meeting the SAINTS , the SIDDHARS , the SATGURUS , the MAHATMAS , the ASHRAMS , the most powerful TEMPLES and PLACES ... Are you interested by this project ??? You can join us in the stop if we take the same plane or at the arrival in CHENNAI , no problem...
You can contact sonagiri if you need some informations ...
With all my Pranams , Love and blessings ,


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Great thing!

This is a great thing. Please indicate here specifically which places and names of saints exactly the participants are going to meet.

What are the sleeping arrangements, prices etc?

Is there a link to the info of this trip?

If you put it here, it can bring many people, including me.

silencio | Tue, 06/07/2011 - 16:12
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Divine and beloved SOUL ,
All my Pranams and thanks to you ...
You can see the programme with places and SAINTS , SIDDHARS , SATGURUS , SAMADHIS on my site :

It is possible to join us from everywhere in the world and choose the flight you prefer ; sonagiri flights from Paris ( I live in France )so we can meet us in the change flight or directly in Chennai ... no problem; last time a person from Los Angeles join us in Dubai and flights with us to chennai.
I am only a devotee from spiritual BHARAT , so my goal is only to share this pilgrimage with only 5-6 sincere persons on the path , max , and cover the expenses ( for exemple a mini bus with driver during all the pilgrimage , 24/24 hours , airport to airport ... ) see my site ( alas in french , but it is possible to translate with google , I think ! ) :

You can also see many pictures of my last pilgrimage on Facebook :

You can ask all the informations you wish , sonagiri is at your service ...
All my Love and blessings always ,

SONAGIRI | Wed, 06/08/2011 - 08:34
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great spiritual itinerary. some comments:

isn't it too hot to travel now in south india?

look also for the westerner teachers in tiruvannamalai, some of them are really phenomenal (cesar, muji, and others). i know it sounds strange to travel all the way to india to meet westerner gurus...

aum amma is not currently in tiruvanammalai but near aurovile

the program seems too extensive, this may result in too much is nothing, it doesn't leave the minimum time to really evaluate the sages, to absorb, it will result in a somewhat touristic nature...

kalgo | Wed, 06/08/2011 - 08:53
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108 Pranams and thanks for your advices ; sonagiri is blessed ...
No the pilgrimage is not for now , only for NOV-DEC. so weather is good !!!
Yes I know about AUM AMMA ... I know Her since 2005 , a very great SHAKTI . I love Her so much ... Maybe you dont know about RADHA MA of TIRUVANNAMALAI ; She reach Maha samadhi ...
The programme can seem intensive ( I have already participated at the same ) my goal is to give to 5-6 persons max the darshan of many GREAT SOULS , after people can come again alone near to this or this SAINTS longer ...

Have DIVINE SOUL all my Love and blessings ,


SONAGIRI | Wed, 06/08/2011 - 16:43
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India is land of pilgrims

India is land of pilgrims and pilgrimages.Pilgrimages in India are very good. Some pilgrimages are very popular. Nestling in the lofty peaks are the four most holy pilgrimages of India -Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Kedarnathji and Sri Badrinathji.

traveladda | Mon, 07/04/2011 - 12:40