Impossibility to delete a guru's page

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I sent many messages to the admin of this site: I'm asking him if he can delete a page of a guru that contains a copyright violation.
The admin does not reply to my messages and doesn't delete the page.
How can I do? Probably the "contact us" form does not work

The page is:

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as far as i know they

as far as i know they don't delete guru profiles. if there is something in the text that you think is copyright violation I think the website's terms of use say you should send them a link with the identical text, proof that it was published before and not after and a certificate that u r the owner of the copyright, something like this. That's what i remember but don't count of it, check the terms of use. i assume that it takes them a month or two for an issue to be reviewed and processed like in other similar websites. don't worry, they are very faire but strict, they don't play around on one hand but they do not cave in to trials to influence the content out of pr concerns on the other hand. good luck!

which guru profile are u talking about? what text?

Jasmin | Sat, 05/21/2016 - 09:48