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A brief introduction


IMPORTANCE OF GURU : The Guru, in the spiritual world, has been accorded a higher status than Trimurtis. “Guru Govind dono khade hai, kaake lango pahi”, so said the great poet saint kabir. He emphasized further that God himself accorded more superior status to Guru than to himself”. “Guru Saakshat Parah Brahma”, to such a Guru and his altar we need to bow in humility and offer respect because Guru is verily the parabrahman. Gaining Lord’s darshan is not difficult. Even if that happens, God himself directs to seek self-realization through our Guru. Lord Vitthala and Naamdeo shine as outstanding examples of such a relationship. For a true seeker, there is no world apart from the master.

IMPORTANCE OF PADUKAS : It is difficult to evaluate the power of Guru Padukas. The human body is supported by the feet. But the basis of support for human feet is the divine feet of Lord Vamana, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who measured the entire earth with one foot. Whether it was Sree Bharat who carried the Holy Padukas of Lord Rama on his head to Nandigrama to represent the Lord and ruled the great land of Ayodhya, or Lord Datta who manifested in various forms to redeem his devotees and align them to the path of self realization and self liberation, the power of Paduka worship is beyond our perception. Even the mighty Adisesha, who bears the holy mark of Lord Vishnu’s feet on his heads, cannot comprehend their power. Adishankara, who is considered as Lord Shankara himself composed the “Paduka Ashtakam”, the sacred verses that glorify their worship.

SAI SADGURU : In this Kaliyuga, the very Lord Dattatreya manifested himself as Samartha Sadguru and Shirdi Sai Baba, who were infact the embodiment of knowledge absolute. Here the lord himself came as Sai Sadguru thus sparing us of the confusion that Namdeo’s mind was saddled with… Saibaba effortlessly guided disciples on the path of achieving self realization. We realize the importance and need of a Guru, the significance of Guru Padukas, the teachings of Sadguru Sai, the principles followed by him and the messages taught by him. The Guna and the Nirguna aspects of his Padukas would all be understood and remembered with reverence. Baba made lives of his devotees sublime.


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INSTALLATION OF PADUKAS AT SHIRDI : On the auspicious day of Full Moon, in the month of Shravan, in the year 1912 the holy Padukas were brought in grand procession from Khandoba Mandir in Shirdi to Dwarkamai as ordained by Shirdi Sai Baba. The Master touched them and declared “These are the Lord’s holy Padukas which are beyond time. They have no beginning nor any end”. He thus blessed them and installed under sacred Neem Tree. Sri Sai Baba, the compassionate Sadguru, Lord of Shirdi responds instantly to the prayers of his Devotees and unburdens them by taking upon himself their worries and concerns.

SRI SAI SADGURU PADUKA POOJA : This pooja was performed at Lendibaug Shirdi with 108 pairs of Padukas, made from bark of a neem tree, on 9-8-2006 & 27.08.2007(Shravan Poornima Day) with the full cooperation of Shri Shirdi Sai Sansthan. This pooja was also performed at Baroda (two times), Hyderabad, Pithapuram, Rajamundry, Delhi and scheduled to be held at Vishakhapatnam and Pune.

With the blessings of the Shirdi Sainath and with cooperation of the Shirdi Sai Sansthan it has been decided for performing the pooja, this year on 16.08.2008 on the auspicious day of Shravan Poornima.

In accordance with the rituals and as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra, Padukas will be taken in procession with Palki on 16.08.2008 from Khandoba Mandir at 8.00 a.m after performing Gopooja. The procession will reach the place of worship at 10.00 a.m. with naamsamkeertana. The pooja will be commenced amidst the chanting of the Vedas. and the padukas are then worshipped. The pooja will be over by 12.30 noon. After worshipping the Padukas they shall be carried on the head and the Devotees shall visit Gurusthan, Dwarakamai and Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi and seek shelter at his Lotus Feet and return to their native places with the Padukas after having annaprasadam.

Blessed are those homes where these Padukas are to be installed, for they would be blessed with the divine vibrations indicating Sai Sadguru’s presence.

Let us all pray to him in humility and total surrender…

For Participation in SAI SADGURU PADUKA POOJA,

Contact Tel. No. : 1) Smt. Usha Rao 9869060514
2) Smt. Laxmi Mani 24022970
3) Smt. Laxmi Kumar 25559108
4) Smt. Kameshwari 9892553032


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GURU is much more mystic then the GOD,as guru is in physical form and GOD is invisible and it is only GURU that enable us to meet with GOD.we can argue with GURU but not with GOD.

madan_gautam | Fri, 09/12/2008 - 09:12
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