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Out of many many illusions pestering our attention and hampering our evolution, the illusions about "WEALTH, LAKSHMI, MAHALAKSHMI" have always reigned supreme. These terms have generally been misunderstood even by the Seekers of Truth. But the realized souls-- the Sahaja Yogis-- are the blessed ones to have sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati amidst themselves. Though She is 'BHRANTI RUPAH' yet She has always been expelling illusions from within her children and guiding her children to their ultimate goal of achieving 'MOKSHA'.
On the occasions of Lakshmi Pujas and in her different pravachanas She has amply enlightened her children about the illusive terminology such as Money, Wealth, Lakshmi, Lakshmipati and Mahalakshmi Principle.