I am the way, the truth and the life

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‘'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man commeth unto the Father but by me''

This was a pivotal piece of teaching bequeathed by the Master Jesus when He walked your earth plane, yet no man truly understood its meaning. Man was not sufficiently ready to receive this truth then and is scarcely ready to receive it now. Yet it is significant that during these auspicious times when the planet is about to enter a new cycle of life where dimensions anew are to be experienced and earned, man must awaken to a higher understanding of himself and he can only do so if he understands Me. Milestones have been achieved by mortals in terms of advancement, yet spiritually they fail to attune themselves to a great truth that if understood could change the tenor of their existence and path of soul evolution. I come again this day to effort to explain this simple yet understated Truth.

I am the Way means that I am your ticket to a new destination. The ticket is only dispensed when a choice is knowingly made. You must choose Me through belief and active seeking and you will be given directions that will enable you to plot the coordinates that shall keep you on the path as you create an enduring alliance with Me. When you are able to make this choice you will clearly see that I Am the Way out of the illusion of mortality into the reality of immortality.

So we have primarily established that I Am the Way to eternal life. Yet eternal life can only be guaranteed for those who can find and free their inner God presence. It is I who shall direct you ones on the course that you must adopt to achieve this feat for first you must know Me before you can know yourself and be inclined to liberate that which is divine within you.

I would like to explore with you a different perspective of what it means when I say 'I AM the ‘'Way'.' The ‘'Way'' cannot be separated from the ‘'Light'' as the light brings clarity of purpose and engenders a clear path to the destiny of choice. The ‘'Way and the ‘'Light'' therefore go hand in hand. I say that the Way is the Light and I am the Way and therefore the Light.

Yet another perspective of the ‘'Way'' shall I offer to you. Did I not birth my creation from love, being the reason and root cause? Did I not create by way of electric light waves of motion from the stillness of my mind? Is it therefore not true to say that stillness motivated by love to create by light is the ‘'Way''? Can you therefore not see that the ‘'Way'' is Love and Light and that when you choose Me you choose Love and Light? If Love and Light is the foundation of your earthly journey you will have found the ‘'Way''.

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Jesus Business Inc.

You say that no one understood Jesus words, and this is funny because you yourself completely misunderstands them in the above as do the organized institutional christian priests who manage the Jesus business enterprises.

Jesus talked about the abstract not-personified consciousness that is not owned by anybody, especially not be those who claimed after his death exclusivity over him and launched the crusades, the Inquisition, the shallow evangelism, and mediated connection with God.

Leave the institutional cultural religiousness and embark on a spiritual path. It's time.

john | Mon, 12/10/2012 - 13:07
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Are you trying to act like you are...Jesus?

Hari OM!

I notice how you are writing as if you are The Christ, speaking from on high. I also notice that you do not capitalize "You", as if everyone else but yourself is somehow beneath yourself.

"... yet no man truly understood its meaning. Man was not sufficiently ready to receive this truth then and is scarcely ready to receive it now."

Wow, how futile then. May as well pack up and fold the tents. All "man" has to do, is look within. Just because we are all imperfect and living upon this earth now, that does not automatically mean we are all stupid and doomed.

"...So we have primarily established that I Am the Way to eternal life."

No, not "us", not "we",you. Just becaise you said so, does not make it true.

"....I would like to explore with you a different perspective of what it means when I say 'I AM the ‘'Way."

You are not letting us explore anything, you are leading us down some road, seemingly by your graceful hand in hand sweet-talk that is commonly used by other writers who use ego to confuse and confound.

Sorry, but I see this as just mumbo-jumbo and has very little to do with "self" or seeking self.

OM GUY | Fri, 02/15/2013 - 08:20
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JOHN 14.6

Brothers...There is a simple explanation..It is necessary to understand first the source and nature of the consciousness that is incarnate in the avatar..
Jesus spoke of this consciousness when he proclaimed that "I and my father are one" John 10.30.

Those who merge their consciousness to God know the immanent nature of spirit.He is pure reflection of spirit. Jesus not ask us to worship him or claim He is supreme God (Heavenly Father).

Jesus told us to follow His teaching..To receive and understand Jesus The Christ Teaching is not accomplished through church membership, nor by outer ritual of acknowledge Jesus as one's savior bt to know christ signifies to close the eyes, expand the consciousness and so deepan the concentration that through the inner light of soul intuition one partakes of the same consciousness that jesus had..Through this we can feel the presence our heavenly father and find our everlasting bliss..This is our ultimate destiny brother and Jesus proved this in his life and He asked us to follow that way to receive Him our Heavenly Father.

When one expand his consciousness to christ consciousness or cosmic consciousness will understand the true inner meaning of that verses spoke by Jesus Christ.

"An unnecessary as a well is
to a village on the banks of a river
so unnecessary are all scripture
to someone who has seen the truth"..Bhagavad Gita (chap 2 verses 46)

SON OF GOD | Mon, 04/14/2014 - 16:50
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"I Am" is the Way, "I Am" is Truth, "I Am" is Life


"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

So clear, what Jesus said......
"I AM"....is the Way and "I AM" is the Truth and "I AM" is the Life...

"No one comes to the Father { I AM, Being-ness, God, Consciousness, CHRIST, Self, Universal, Impersonal, Undivided, Undifferentiated, Whole } except through "me" { through the I AM, Jesus, Personal, Relative, self } ."

"I Am" is the Way, "I Am" is Truth, "I Am" is Life. No one comes to the Father but by "I Am." So simple indeed, yet so sad that this Truth got SO twisted around many years ago.


MAI | Tue, 04/15/2014 - 14:30