The Hypnotism

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The Hypnotism part -1
Attraction, Convincing Power, Magnetism and Politeness are few of words responsible for affecting our lives deeply.Peolple want to come to you ,want to carry good relationship with you.If You say something no body can neglect .You look different in the mob. This is your wish ,our wish every person's wish. Its not imposible to achieve this position .this is quite possible .this is the Hypnotism.

The Anciant Subject:- Hypnotism in simple words mens hypnotise himself/herself. It means To live the life and keep himself in control. To prevent any person from the endless wills , and To increase the will power and determination. Hipnotism is the great gift of ancient Indian civilization .Which is developed by our great sants .we can'nt tell the right birth timing of the hypnotism but It was started sometime in Sindhu ghati civilization and further developed in Vadic civilization .It was developed very fastly between eleventh century to eighteenth century Even at that time it was very famous in India and people were scared about it. After very big process of development it got it present name The Hypnotism . But its ancient name name was "Sammohan".

Now accepted by the whole world , but the great gift of India. Even the medical science has recognized hypnotism as a useful way of treatment the mental stress . in present time research is on many Indian experts and sants including our Guru ji (through International Paravigayan research center )are trying to make it more easy and to increase the use of hypnotism in daily life .Now days people are sleeping spending their time for monitory matters only .So please come up It is one of the best way to get the mental peace and to meet the God.

Assumptions of The Hypnotism: -There is many assumptions and doubts about the Hipnotism in the people. But the important are given bellow. Hypnotism is a universal phenomenon. There is a great conflict that every civilization called it their invent only.

It had been used in almost all of the civilizations in the past in different -different modes. From the ancient time this art has been teaching to the people by the great masters (Guru's), as it got the more popular more of the conflicts had taken the birth. Mainly there were four kinds of the thoughts about it.