How will I know when I have found my true guru ?

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How does a person determine when they have found the guru who is karmically bound to lead them to enlightenment ? I have met many gurus and tibetan lamas. I did not feel that any of them were my gurus becuase they refused to talk to me, beat me, would not answer questions or provide guidance and they did not allow me to go near them although they were happy to take my money. What are the criterion for someone knowing that they have found their true guru ? What would be some of the warning signs that a guru is not meant to be my guru ? I would appreciate any guidance you can give. I am a single woman in my 50s. Could by age and gender be an impediment to finding a guru in the body ?

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Dear, welcome aboard :-)

Dear, welcome aboard :-) you arrived at the right place.

You can find an excellent list of signs to recognize a false guru at (it is based on the experience of many experienced seekers and is considered one of the most popular and precise ones on the net).

In addition I would say the following:

(1) Personally I think that each guru you find yourself in touch with was meant for you to encounter. With the years I learnt that there is a great scheme that brings me to all sorts of teachers and gurus, false and true ones, and with each I had an experience I needed, including the bad ones, in order to refine and develop spiritually.

(2) Having said that, you mentioned yourself those signs that raise the suspicion regarding false gurus you met: "they refused to talk to me, beat me, would not answer questions or provide guidance and they did not allow me to go near them although they were happy to take my money". If you can share these experiences and identities with us here, it could help a lot others on the path.

(3) Some gurus play it hard to get in order to see how much you are serious in your quest. Sometimes, in spite of the first rejection, one must keep on trying with a certain guru/teacher, of course, provided that you feel something inside that resonates with that guru.

(4) And this brings me to the major sign: when it was a guru that I needed at a certain time, when it was a true one for me, I always felt some excitement/special feeling in my heart (of course, sometimes it was pure charisma and nothing else but in such a case, the excitement dropped rapidly).

And most importantly, remember always that it's a roller coaster, a journey. Accept whatever come as an experience.

Please feel free to ask anything and please share your past stories with these gurus. I feel that you have experiences that can help others here.

Love :-)

nancy pro | Wed, 04/23/2014 - 22:14
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no guru

there is no true guru.
They are just people, and you are brainwashed if you think they can lead you anywhere.
If age or gender stops someone from accepting you then they are a lowly soul not worth your effort.
Most of them are frauds, who covet hidden knowledge but do not understand any more than a cow does.
The rest are just normal people who have no real experience in being able to teach others, or desire too.

There is no true guru

but i am sure someone will argue there is
Master this or baba that, or guru this. Bullshit they are just like you.
Their so called spiritual advancement is a joke, they lack basic compassion and understanding, but act like they are so much more than human
and convince others in droves to follow their incomplete path and listen to their incomplete knowledge.

Even the ones who take no money and appear genuine are just people who do not have complete knowledge. They will help you if they desire but not out of some oath to God.

What you need Louise is knowledge and a true friend

True friend is the closest you will get to true guru

That or the philosophers stone

Mr jack | Mon, 05/19/2014 - 14:13
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I wrote this angry at mis leaders,
when I had not found true guru.
There is so much misleading and struggle for true human existence we deceive ourselves into thinking everyone is an enemy

there is true guru.

True being the right word. show truth offer truth without cost price payment because wouldn't you if you knew truth
Friendly kind

A True Guru is Saint Vallalaar. With certainty
If you get on a plane, go to Tamil nadu. Contact the folks from they will help you get there in order to Take theekshai, or second birth, help you find accommodation even lend you money as they did me when I was out of pocket. The goal is for everyone to take Theekshai be born twice and do penance so we can all achieve light bodies or merge with Divine light. Become a true human

This is my experience looking for a True Guru. Looking for truth.

If you need help with information or contacting others involved let me know and il help ya

God bless

Mr jack | Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:00
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Finding a Guru

We should be careful while choosing a Guru.
Pleas see the page to identify a false Guru.

You may visit our website to know more.

I wish you all the best in finding true Guru.

Nathyogi | Fri, 07/25/2014 - 06:19
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There is nothing in the link

There is nothing in the link that really guides one in choosing a true guru, it's just arbitrary and questionable results in rיymקs, e.g. "false gurus lead you to hell" - thank you so much, what? I will need to wait for my death and then see if I went to heaven or hell in order to choose my guru? Plus, it's known that a true spiritual path involves stages such as combating your ego which are true hell. Another example "they preach very well" - most false gurus are very charismatic and preach amazingly, so what?

alon | Fri, 07/25/2014 - 12:23
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Re: There is nothing in the link

Who can express so without having taught by a true Guru?
You are free to wait till death as you wish. It is not as easy as saying about killing the ego.
Go and obey false Gurus if you are impressed by their preaching.
It was only my advice based on my experience.
You are free to accept it or reject it.

As the wise say:
The true Guru is ever unknown to the unwise
How the blind do not ever see the sunrise.

Nathyogi | Sat, 07/26/2014 - 04:20