How to make a guru profile more popular

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We, at admin team, constantly analyze the statistics logs of visitors behavior, draw conclusions, and work to improve the user experience accordingly.

Recently, we looked into the statistical trends regarding Guru profiles to understand what makes a popular guru profile (beyond, of course, the level of popularity of the guru himself).

Based on this analysis the following are guidelines for users who wish to maximize the popularity of a profile of a guru they are affiliated with. Following these guidelines is guarenteed to significantly improve the popularity of the guru profile.

Complete Profile

Profiles with basic information only (Fast Facts and Biography) are hardly being visited at all nor voted. Make sure to add information also in the other tabs (Teachings, Locations, Links etc.) to provide a complete view of the guru. We have seen a strong impact especially of the Locations tab (probably many people are looking for meeting the teachers or visiting places related).

Add Multimedia

Profiles with multimedia and not just text are visited and viewed considerably more. Users probably feel more drawn to color and visual effects. Make sure to add videos in the "View Video" tab, photos in the Photos and Locations tabs, and books in the "Books Media" tab.

Friendly Syntax and Style

Profiles with bad syntax and structure of paragraphs, improper spelling and punctuation, long sentences, and misuse of capital letters are viewed for significantly shorter times if at all. Make the texts in the profile comfortable for reading: break long sentences and paragraphs into short ones, AVOID COMPLETELY THE USAGE OF CAPITAL LETTERS (!!!), make sure there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes, make sure the commas and dots are attached to the previous word and there is space between them and the next word (e.g. "Sri was gentle, brave, and happy. What a man." and not "Sri was fentle,brave ,and happy.What a man.").

Refrain from Improper Voting

Our tracking systems detect ALL improper and multiple votings and consequently invert these illegal votings (voting of 5 stars is converted to -5 stars etc.). Refrain from any illegal actions. It will improve the ratings of the profile of your guru, plus, it will improve your inner feeling and spiritual genuineness.