How to guage about a guru

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Some one has raised concerns about blackmagic of a guru.
What ever happenend to them they have brougt froth to the forum. For example some one named raj has brought to notice how he was made as scape goat of Out of curiousity i browsed through the web, it brought to my notice n number of criminal things about their guru, but none as blackmagic.
But going through other factors like guru abetting of suicide,in the name of marriages and conducting of marriages by encouraging eloping among abhyasis, ofcourse he says sisters and brothers, not visiting to temples, not to observe anniversaries, and what not.
My point once after knowing true nature of guru, how should one escape from it. It could be in many forms like blackmailing for money, or black magic or sexual harrasements ? what could be the way out from these circumstances?