His Divine Grace (Teachings)

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1.Meditating on 'OM' is the means to remove sadness and attain happiness

2.Belief in GURU and you shall realise all the powers within you.

3.Belief in the yogic power within you, belief in GOD and you will obtain total bliss and happiness.

4.Attempting to realise yourself is the means to attain your goals.

5.By giving love, we can attain immense wealth and happiness in life

6.If you proceed into spiritual life with love,determination,patience and a firm mind, you will obtain jnana and realise joy

7.Living with wealth is good,living with the guidance of god is extremely good

8.Belief in god and you shall overcome all sorrow

9.Sincere prayers to god,will certainly remove sadness,misery and worries, hapiness will grow

10.The path of love is the secret of success

11.Always analyse yourself,misery and failure is not for you.

12.There is nothing that cannot be archieved with love, by adding purity,patience and persistance with love, you will definately have an enlightened life.

Above are some of the teachings of His Divine Grace YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU.

Be a diciple of His Divine Grace YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU and change your life.

Vanakkam. pls refer to the RPT Website for further info.

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this website will give u all the needful and true info u need.

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Guruvai Nambinoor Nichayamaaka Kappatrapaduvar


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I like these 12 suggestions. Who is this SRI RAJAYOGA GURU? (I looked for a guru profile here but couldn't find one).

Unfortunately I cannot attend this course in Malysia of course but will love to hear more.

Tania | Tue, 10/13/2009 - 07:32
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Yoga Jnana Sitthar OmSri Rajayoga Guru Saranam

Thank you for your comment. There are also courses conducted in LONDON.For information on courses conducted in London Please call RPT UK Admin at :07595176534 or 07850079928.You can also mail canna24@gmail.com ( UK )
You can also visit http://www.rpt.com.my and http://www.rpt-london.biz for additional info.


Best Regards,
Kumaran (Malaysia)

kumaran | Tue, 10/27/2009 - 09:57
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why is rpt training people to talk back to others.......???? but not to improve a persons life
whAt ive read in a website

www.minvarthagam.com/Forum/viewtopic.php %20=t&sd=a&start=390

1) Whoever follows the couple knows not what God is.
2) Whoever follows the couple knows not what spirituality is.
3) Whoever follows the couple knows not what Kundalini Yoga is.
4) I shall prove that Yoga Sakthi is unadulterated tosh, and its methodology is fake, and the Datok and his Datin are charlatans

and....a rptian answers

1. I dont know who GOD is because i dont SURVEY about God
2. I dont know what spiritual is as I dont SURVEY about spiritual
3. I dont know what Kundalini Yoga is because i dont SURVEY that as well
Please share with us if you know all of them, personally I will be very thankful to you. Please explain all of them.

.....it shows that a rpt member does not know any knowledge about spirituality............when they are in a meditation society.......... i'm one of them

ive been in rpt.........i'm fed up wit the meetings in rpt........the meetings doesnt help at all........all they ask to do is to find people...........whatever they talk in meeting does not help me improve my lfe....but it improves my marketing skills......... i will learn how to persuade people to join rpt.....how to talk back to others......

i dont care wether rpt take/make money because i dont get paid for bringing new people in rpt....thats not an issue......... the problem is...... i will never know god... even i'm joining the most powerful guru in the world...... ill never learn the meaning of life ......they will never teach this in meetings.....but teach stuff that is not important(marketing)......

why when a person comes to rpt..............rpt wont guide the person until that person succeed in every aspect in their life or guide them until they realise spirutuality/god...... but instead of doing that, rpt will ask the members to bring new members.........

why is it like that...... isnt that rpt is for spirituality..... to realise god but why until now i dont realise god???and the latest thing in rpt is the advance mega meditation......still i cant realise god

the leaders will say....."ahhh....u wont do your meditation properly"

yes i'm not doing my meditations anymore...... because i tried.....and it fails......... nothing really happens........why must it be like that......is it true about what the people in rpt saying about their experiences..???? if its true there is nothing big about it........

sum people share their experience that goes like this...... ''one morning.....i was hungry............i want to do meditation......then i pray....th
en the hunger go away"........

is that the kind of experience we get in rpt??? where is the life changing experience??? where can we see people in rpt from a zero to becoming a hero??

how many people in rpt is really successful in life(financial,health,spirituality...ect.)....
are they all in rpt successful.......?????how many of them are supersuccessful???

because thats is what rpt promise when bringing new people to rpt??? do they make sure when they bring these new people , not only the new ones but everyone......everyone benefits from this meditation........do they make sure everyone benefits???

if all this time rpt has done a good job......why is there people like me???.....why i still cant see the changes.......i went for the advance mega meditation......but still no changes.......

please .....

brokenheart | Thu, 01/13/2011 - 12:10
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