Healing guidance in Delhi

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Namah Shivay,

My name is Gaurav, and i attended Delhi Shivir in Feb this year. I only attended first 3 days and learned Sanjeevani Shakti Sadhna.

I am trying to heal myself but i am not sure if i am doing it properly.

I have a degenerative eye disease (it is a disease that gets worse over time), and i was hoping the Sadhna will help me to battle the disease, but so far i have not experienced much benefit.

I know Babaji says to thikn of yourself as being completley fit and to have full faith, but i am not sure if i am doing the Sadhna properly.

If any Sadhak lives in Delhi, i would be very grateful if they can sit with me during Sadhna and help me figure out what i am diong wrong.

Many many thanks!

Namah Shivay!