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Marlieyn Manroe was very beautiful. She had Name, Fame, Wealth, Good Health, All the luxuries of the world, diesease free body. She could have chosen any man of her choice from any of the field as a life partner and for providing Happiness. Still she committed suicide and ended her life. She failed in her search for happiness even after having all the name, fame etc. which most of us can not even think. What went wrong? None of these can provide happiness leave aside Bliss.You can find Bliss and everything at the feet of the Guru. Please find out one instead of wasting your time on mundane things.

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The guru is another same thing

Don't you see that the guru is yet another thing like name, fame, fortune, beauty and so on that you have mentioned before. If you look for for a guru for "bliss and everything" as you call it then after some time you will arrive at the same disappointment as you do with the other things.

Our mind "calculates" it's level of excitement not according to the absolute amount of stimuli we currently receive but in a relative way - the growth of the current amount over the amount before. This is the reason for formal and informal addictions and attachments which constitute our lives.

happy together | Sat, 08/29/2009 - 19:20
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as you call it then after some time you will arrive at the same

This situation do come when there remain any difference in two,but when you reaches to the same level as that of Guru, or say when you and Guru are one then where such question of disappointment come?
No in case of true disciple and Guru ,such situation never comes but at a time both become same.
This is the beauty in this relationship,"The Divine relationship".

madan_gautam | Sun, 08/30/2009 - 11:40