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Many people might have come accross the term "Shastras" and wonder what all are included in it.
Shastras include
1. Four Vedas,
2. Six upa-Vedas (Sub Vedas)
3. Six Vedang (branches of Vedas)
4. Six Darshan Shastras
5. 1008 Upanishads
6. 18 Puranas and upa Puranas
7. Ramayan
8. Mahabharat
9. Different Smritis
10.Different Samhitas
To study all these it takes normally 43 Years in Gurukul.
The words of the Guru are also Shastras.
You have an option to study all the scriptures which takes normally 43 Years in Gurukul or abide only by the words of Guru.
The choice is yours. Easiest is Guru's words.

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Guru's Tuition

The best way is to learn the scriptures through a Guru.

A guru does more than just transfer of scriptural words, he also transfers the wisdom and understanding of the scriptures. A guru sees the actual truth in and behind the words, and these images are projected on to the disciples mind and heart. For example, if the guru says pigeon, the disciple will not only hear the word pigeon, but will also see a pigeon before him. Likewise, when a spiritual master says "God", the disciple witnesses "God!".

Also the period of study is reduced to half or more than half.

God has revealed all the holy scriptures through the medium of a man in the form of Messengers & Prophets, so that we learn and understand the Message through them. Self study is good but tuition is a must.

Nothing without a Guru!


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