Guru as per Sri Ramana Maharshi

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The Guru
As per Sri Ramana Maharshi

Personal God and Guru are in truth not different. Like the prey that has fallen into the jaws of a tiger cannot escape, those who have come under the glance of the Guru’s grace will be saved and will never be forsaken; yet one should follow without fail the path shown by the Guru.

As per His Holiness there are no disciples but from the point of view of the disciple the grace of the Guru is like the ocean. If the disciple comes with a cup he will only get a cupful. It is no use complaining of the niggardliness of the ocean; the bigger the vessel the more he will be able to carry. It is entirely up to him.

As per Sri Ramana Maharishi a true Guru is someone who has realised the Self and who is able to use his power to assist others towards the goal of Self-realisation.

Sri Ramana Maharishi always used to say that God, Guru and the Self are identical; the Guru is God in human form and, simultaneously, he is also the Self in the Heart of each devotee. Because he is both inside and outside, his powers work in two different ways. The outer Guru gives instructions and by his power enables the devotee to keep his attention on the Self; the inner Guru pulls the devotee’s mind back to its source, absorbs it in the Self and finally destroys it.

As per Sri Ramana Maharishi’s teaching a Guru is necessary for almost everyone who is striving towards a permanent awareness of the Self. The catalytic role of the Guru in spiritual development is therefore crucial; except in rare instances, ignorance of the Self is so deeply rooted that individual seekers are unable to escape from it by their own efforts.

Sri Ramana Maharishi’s teaching also pointed out that the Guru has no power to bring about realisation in those who are not energetically seeking it. If the individual seeker makes a serious attempt to discover the Self, then the grace and power of the Guru will automatically start to flow. If no such attempt is made, the Guru is helpless.

Catch hold of the feet of Guru without any doubt, You will be saved for sure.