Guru says he will destroy one continent altogether

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I was carefully watching some of the posts recently.
I followed group as pointed by one member.
Well I found many defects in the guru than in myself
Any one can very well find it.
Here are some which I will point with proof
Any one can verify on their own talking to their guru directly as well.
All the books contains these nature secrets but they are not available to every one
*)Guru says one should be ready to kill ones own mother when guru says that.
*)Guru killed his own disciple abetted suicide, his name is Damodhar, when the follwer did not liked the marriage set by chariji. I was there personally to attend the marriage. I left after this incident.
I think it is now the right moment for me to bring forth in a right place.
*)At another place in another marriage he wanted to conduct marriage and as bride parents were opposing, he took uturn at final moment and said you elope and get married and seek his blessing. He talks about lion heart and all when the moment came he showed his back.
*)He talks about bringing down a propserous (U.S) continent in two years time and he says he is working for its end.
When he said that he will bring down france, his institution was black listed and it is treated as cult.
These are just a few examples
I just raised my opinion after seeing some of previuos comment and i leave it one discretion but in my opinion he is good for nothing

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I m not a fool to say aganist chariji who himself says he is eul

I m not a fool to say aganist chariji who himself says he is eulogised by liberated souls and who openly publishes it.
Even satya sai baba in one book mentioned that he is transmitted negative engeries one whole night.
When people of such caliber can undergo such negativity then why not me? and when guru says that he will do any thing for discipline?
His banamathi black magic include
Manipulating of mind, every other instance he quotes of frame, all of you people who come here are in my frame.
From his point view if he develops negativity on follower then he uses the same power to manipulate which ranges from torture.
He warns in dreams about the negative things which will happen in near future and says he will do it.
Transmit on physical body, which causes illhealth.
Create disturbances among family.
Create finiacial troubles.
These are some of his negative powers which chariji possess in abundance. I came here only to find a solution even I have invited him to participate here just to tell how to get rid of his anger and hence his banamathi.

RAJAvsraj | Sun, 08/15/2010 - 05:18
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My Research on Sahaj Marg...

Hi Satya...

Here are a few articles about Sahaj Marg (tm), sinced the take-over of SRCM by Chari and his gang of businessmen and retired police, military, etc..., and the re-registration of SRCM (California-1997) in San Luis Obispo, California, USA. (ethical?... moral??)...

1. From The Constitution and "Bye"-Laws of SRCM (California-1997)... notice the typo "bye" rather than "by" on their legal document.

2. Spiritual Techniques (Magic?) used on Babuji??

3. Intrigues and Synchronicities in the Sahaj Marg Lineage.

Also... on my blog, the index to all the articles I wrote are in the right margin under: "Article on this Blog"...
There are too many to list here...

There are many testimonials by some who have blamed Sahaj Marg for their "mental" illness and other stress in their lives, including many separations, divorces, and yes... suicide.

May you find what you seek in these and other pages...

Michael is an ex-preceptor from Austin, Texas with a first-hand account (his testimonial of Sahaj Marg is early on his blog) ...Inner Circle of SRCM at:

Frank is ex-Zonal-in-Charge for the Netherlands... his blog: the Pitfalls of Spirituality is very telling a study of spirituality with focus on Sahaj Marg:

Again...there are many other blogs listed on my blog in the right margin under: Link List (last list in the right margin)...


4d-don | Sat, 09/25/2010 - 03:52