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how do we recognize a tru sadguru?today there are thousands of fake gurus roming around.

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By using search and checking

By using search and checking if there is/was a discussion about that before:

john | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 08:01
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Don't trust anybody, Even me.

If there's any true guru preasent on this earth, that guru can listen and understand us anywhere through divine powers, Well.. it doesn't matter where we are. Real guru can communicate with us through any divine source For example: Dreams etc...

But to have communication with any true guru needs a true mission, for the sake of which a real guru makes communication with us.

Which type of true mission a real guru accepts? And for which mission a real guru comes on this earth ? ( Firstly before anything, there's need to understand this clearly )

Truehaertedly only very few people in this world want to get rid from the cycle of deaths and births. Very few people want to get permanent libration(Moksha) or permanent peace, or in short.. Very few souls in this world want to go back to their real home or God's home.

And the only mission of real guru is to take back these intrested souls to their real home or God's home. And the real guru accepts only these type of requests done by people(Souls) who are intrested and thirsty for going back to their real home.

Now.. Trueheartedly if our mission is this, Than just sit and pray to guru, That Oh Guru!, God has send you for my help, so please show me the way out.

If truely our mission is this, than am sure that a real guru will definatly communicate with us through any divine method.

And at last i want to say that, these days the buissness of Gurudom is on the peak of this world, Even they are leaving behind smugglers. So until we recieve any communication with Guru through any divine method ie: Dreams etc.. Don't trust anybody, Even me.


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 09:13
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Your initial assumptions

Your initial assumptions about the abilities of a true guru, like special paranormal powers are pure assumptions, your belief about the image of a guru, not necessarily true, nor validated in any way.

Similarly, what you describe as the guru's mission is also a speculation.

shishmanidov35 | Mon, 05/28/2012 - 05:54
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jasdir singh jaura | Mon, 05/28/2012 - 09:23