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About GURU,

" Anyone and everyone cannot be a guru. A huge timber floats on the water and can carry human as well. But a piece of worthless wood sinks, if a man sits on it, and drowns him. Therefore in every age GOD incarnates Himself as the guru to teach humanity.

He who can himself approach God with sincerity, earnest prayer, and deep longing needs no Guru. But such deep yearning of soul is very very rare; hence the necessity of a GURU.

If you are in right earnest to learn the mysteries of GOD, He will send you the Sadguru, the right teacher. You need not trouble yourself about findiing out a GURU.

Thus, if you are pious and searching of GOD ; a true GURU will come to u. Hence, everytime you are approached about YOGA JNANA SITHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU; god sends you the SADGURU. Its your choice now to or not accept"

The next Yogasakti empowerment is on 13/3 at PICC.