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I have been interested in Gurus and there lives. Some of the things that I have found are

_ A true Guru always live in anonymity or at least prefer one.

_ They are often more famous after they have passed away.

_ Popular ones need not be True Guru

_ I met Yogi Ram Surat kumar on more than one occasion yet he overtly ignored me, though he on his own the last time asked me what I want and prayed for a true Guru for me.

_ Have been associated with Ma dsciple of Neem Karoli Baba and find her to be a very high soul and though interested in general welfare of all is hardly interested in holding you.

I wish we could all share our experiences.

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As long as someone is alive he is a competition for the ego

"They are often more famous after they have passed away"

This is true not only in the case of gurus but regrading every occupation. As long as the writer/poet/actor/authority is alive there is always a mixture of ego and competitiveness in the minds of others when they regard him. People find it hard to adore and surrender to someone else completely if he/she is alive regardless of his level because as long as he is alive, he is always considered as a competitive threat. Only when one is dead, people feel safe enough in terms of ego, to open up to him.

samsara | Fri, 02/12/2010 - 08:58