Good links about boredom, nothingness and spirituality

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I feel that the feeling of boredom and the fear of nothingness are central in the spiritual awakening, one of the most trickiest pitfalls that can block one for eons in the path to spiritual development.

I am currently giving this issue a lot of attention. Trying to witness my boredom when it apears instead of automatically looking for some excitment to fill the emotional emptiness.

I decided to open this thread in which I ask others to post links to interesting articles that deal with this subject.

The followingare two excellent articles which are in Hebrew for those who can read Hebrew:

A beautiful article by Jay Michaelson -

An article by Gavriel Raam -

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More about boredom and nothingness

I agree, the feeling of boredom which is the distress of the mind due to inactivity (which means the elimination of the mind) is key to spiritual growth. Most of us deceive ourselves by simply being interested in spirituality as yet another subject that will chase out our boredom instead of dealing and coping with boredom.

Here are some excellent articles about how to use boredom and emptiness for spiritual growth instead of using spirituality just to escape boredom:

The now is boring, says the mind

Fear of Emptiness

Addicted people can't meditate

Textual addiction of the mind

Remember - Coping with boredom instead of just being manipulated by it is one of the most difficult yet powerful spiritual tasks.

barbara | Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:34