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I. Mind
Human brain is an extremely complex network of nerve cells – neurons. They build structures that store information by forming electro-magnetic patterns.
The synchronous functioning of all these patterns we name “memory”.
If the memory structures are grouped inside the brain – in “kernels” named ”nervous-nuclei” - they rule and regulate all our organism’s activities – breathing, heart-beat, digestion, glands, etc. At our birth they are already fully hypertrophied – the only way we can live. This is why we name them “inherited memory”.
If the memory structures are grouped in the outmost layer (cortex) of the brain, though, at our birth they are still mostly hypo-trophied. But the stimuli form outside and inside our organism activate them and gradually hypertrophy them, too. A process we name learning, upbringing, training, education, etc. This is why we call these structures “acquired memory”.
The coordinated operating of all our hypertrophied memory-structures through receiving, processing, storing and returning information we name “mind”. The mechanism of hypertrophy, though, could turn our mind into a quite restricted operator.

II. Slavery
Indeed, we are truly locked within our memory patterns. Every breath we take, every heart-beat is programmed by our memory. Every our thought, emotion, dream, act.
In our brain, the web of hypertrophied neuron-structures fixes us into a predetermined mold of mentality, values, behavior. Every choice we make, all our motivation and free will are, in fact, just the well trained reactions of our memory. And all thoughts, decision, acts that we name “free” and “open minded” are, simply, pre-programmed patterns in our brain.
Moreover, this memory-matrix had gradually become the whole of our reality, the whole of our self. And we are so fixed to it that we start defending it at any cost, in order to stay within it forever. Thus, our self-preservation pattern (instinct) is born. And we name it “ego”.
And my EGO starts to interact with other Egos.

III. Psychopaths and Sociopaths
And the more hypertrophied our neuron-structures of ego are, the stronger our self-obsession is, and the bigger our self-concern. The more powerful our self-defense fears, hence.
And these fears, in turn, excite and hypertrophy even more and more our ego brain-center. And more. So that we come to perceive only these fears. And this is how they become a “true” reality for us.
From here on, our matrix reacts in, roughly, two, not so different, ways :
1. Our fears turn against us. We become psychopaths – paranoid, suicidal, depressive, self-mutilating, schizophrenic, drug addicts, alcoholics …
2. We turn our fears against environment. We become sociopaths – reckless drivers, criminals, maniacs, serial killers, sadists, fanatics, terrorists … And if such a person is put to power (by the fears of society) he becomes Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Sadam, Osama. And the whole society becomes psychopathic, turning its nightmares against itself.
And this EGO-slavery could go forever.
But could there be another way?

IV. Freedom
As we know, God has programmed us to be One with Him. And because God is Limitless, when we are one with Him we become Limitless, too.
And only then we become free. Not because we have broken away from all memory-matrixes and information-patterns, but because we have become One with the Limitless Memory of God. We have a limitless personal memory now. And thus we have limitless choices. And unlimited personal will. This is what true FREEDOM is. Only the experiencing of true Limitlessness is the experiencing of true Freedom – into the absolutely Blissful Oneness with God.
So, if you choose to know the Path to Real Freedom, you are now offered the “God Consciousness” e-book. Attached here on a PDF file. ( Read and Print it through the Acrobat Reader program. )
Love and Blessing.

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