God Article # 1 : MORAL PATHOLOGY

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God Article # 1 : MORAL PATHOLOGY

I. Diagnosis
Present status of the world :
- Sky-high rates of crime, violence, drug-abuse derived from all-pervading hatred, envy, revenge…
- Flourishing foundations of economic recession : irresponsibility, immorality, incompetence, insatiable greed and arrogance, corruption …
- Growing conflicts between civilizations, religions, attitudes of mind.
- World pandemics of terrorism, fanaticism, xenophobia, rage, destruction…
- Fake values, fake happiness, fake love, loneliness and frustration…
Human reason and reactions are still limited to primitive self-survival instincts. Including spiritual aspirations. Thus, even good and God become but tools of our SELFISHNESS.

II. Prescription
The standard response to all these problems – more money and man to make war on the enemy – is obviously a total failure. Politicians and professional philanthropists, the kings and the emperors of the world, are helpless, pathetic in their “efforts” against a reign of evil.
So, isn’t it time now, for human and humanity to evolve to a higher viewpoint and value system – MORALITY.

III. Therapy
Morality is an attitude of mind. And the most pragmatic way to evolve it is through Education. A gradual way out of ignorant egoism – for children and adults.
So, here is a therapeutic method – as individual as it is social and socializing - the Moral Culture Education System ( MCES ) :
The MCES works through the incorporation of its 2 e-manuals into the already functioning religious-education systems. No matter what the specific religion or requirements are.
The lessons of the MCES are just added to the already taught lessons of any specific tradition. At the adequate time. For instance :
1. In the 4th grade : The “God Consciousness” ( for younger souls ) e-manual is incorporated into the religious education process. Reading and memorizing texts. Asking questions.
( This e-manual is attached here on a PDF file - GCkids.pdf )
2. 7th & 8th grades : The larger “God Consciousness” e-manual is studied through incorporation, too, now. Reading texts and asking a lot of questions. A “God Consciousness – creating questions” process.
( This e-manual, also, is attached here on a PDF file - GodConsciousness .pdf )
3. 11th & 12th grades : The larger “God Consciousness” e-manual, again. But a “God Consciousness – acquiring answers” process.
( The 7 God Articles to follow are a part of this process, also. )
4. Same method could be used, too, in universities, Spiritual Education & Tourism ( SET) centers for adults, even in some prisons …
MCES should start in only a couple of experimental schools ( and prisons ?? ). And then, gradually spreads out according to adequate results and timing.
MCES is a very low-price, high-efficiency pragmatic approach to the very high-price, low-efficiency conflicts, deeply rooted in human mind.

IV. Prognosis
We all know this cure could take centuries. But we know, too, the longest journey starts with one first step. A step far less “utopian” than the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives lost. And the millions of human fates wasted in bewilderment.
It’s all our free choice.
Here are the attached 2 e-manuals, now. Read and print them through the Acrobat Reader program.
Love and Blessing.

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Moral indoctrination isn't a new idea, and has been in place in some form in every culture. It's just another form of social control that ends up following man's destructive nature rather than undermining it. Most wars and terrorist activities are grounded in moralism. In some places adultry is so morally wrong that the perpetrator (female, of course) is buried to her neck and stoned to death by the self righteous moralists. Randomly murdering those who don't happen to follow certain moral beliefs is a very popular sport for some. It's so reprehensible that some are coming to believe that anarchy is preferable.

Phroggy | Tue, 12/02/2008 - 21:53