Ghosts are ghosts

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We have heard about baseli, hadabai and chirguni as some ghosts. They are dissatisfied souls and move around. Is this true.
Lets us discuss.
If you have any such experience, please tell us. We will get good knowledge.

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sanatankriya 51 miracles and a haunting

dear Surya,
I my self do not have any direct experinace with Ghosts, thanks to my protective Guru YOGI ASHWINI,
but i hav e read about them in Yogi Ashwini's BOOK ''sanatankriya 51 miracles and a haunting''.
that has taught me, that Ghosts are real and in a suspended state, Yogi Ashwini also explained to us that Ghosts are human beings who were too attached to their possessions and when time came for them to leave everything and go further, they refused to go, and stayed on , attached to the physical , when physical is gone, so suspended till a Yogi RELEASES , them , or moves them into the next dimention for --gati--speed-- in evolution. Read the book it is an amazing reveleation, i wont reveal the full story, that will kill your interest. read the book. cheers nitashajaini

Nitashaartist | Sat, 07/17/2010 - 06:37