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The Work of the gemstones can not be bound in time .The development of the gemstones is cery old like the human civilization . Gemstones have become the sign of the status in the world. Even it is given in holy epics about the gemstones. These gemstonese affect humens life deeply .
Even the science also recognize the usage of the gem stones. There are 9 types of the gemstones . Those represents the 9 planets in the universe .and take birth from the raise of the releted planets. So that these gem stones affect our life positively .the color of the planet resemble by the releted gem stone. We wear these gem stones according to these planets.
If the planets are in our fevour then these gemstones give gain certainly.In to the ancient Indian epic 84 kinds of gem stones are defined. And 8 types of pearls with 15 kinds of mani Are give. Navratan (9 important gem stones)
1. Manik (Ruby ) :-This stone represent the Sun.Its basic color is red.It make the enemies weaker. Luck play favourably .helpful in the promotions. It blesses the coopration from the govt. dept. and politicians .Useful for politicians .Create willpower, stamina ,for the wearers.Help to get the good position in the society.if the sun is down or in the 6th, 8th ,and 12th .then you should not take the Manik.It should be pranprithisth .Can be worn in gold, or silver.It must be worn on Sunday.
2. Moti (Pearl) :-this gem stone is belong to the Moon.It is use ful for the people suffering from bloodpressure, angreness .Necessary for females it makes them lucky.holy moti give gain in financial matters and increase in the social position.It should wear on the Monday in silver ring. It is worn in lady finger.
3. Moonga (Coral) :-this is a red stone represent the mars planet.It make te wearer brave the make enemies weaker.mainly useful for working in milletry and police.Nightmares stoppes by this stone . a great solution for the problems created by Prets (ghost).It make lucky to the females.Lhelp in low blood pressure. Its day is Tuesday.the person who wears Moonga (coral) should never wear sapphire ,hassonite Cinnaman and cat eye stone.
4. Panna (Emerald):- It's a green color stone belong to the mercury planet. It gives brain an power. Increase in the wealth.It provide safety from the mirgi and madness. Give power to the eyes.Prevent the nightfall. Delivery becomes easy for he female wear panna.It is specially useful for writers. Teachers , businessmen .
5. Pukhraj (White Sapphire) :-It is light yellow represents the Jupiter .It gives wealth,education ,brain, assets , long age ,social presence , Difficulties faced by any girl in marriage it solves very quickly. It make increase love within spouse and solve family tentions.It pours the religious thoughts and give relief in bad habbits.Its day is thrusday in gold ring.
6. Heera (Diamond ):- It is the stone of the Venus. It provides the wealth , love within spouse, vehicle . It raise in luck. Should wear on Friday , in platinm or in silver

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How to wear Gemstones?

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After you know which gemstone to wear, one wonders how to wear. What are the procedures and correct manner? The answers to such questions are discussed in detail but first let’s see the specific days prescribed to wear these gemstones which are as follows-

Ruby – Sunday

Pearl– Monday

Yellow Sapphire– Thursday

White Sapphire– Friday

Red Coral– Tuesday

Emerald– Wednesday

Blue Sapphire– Saturday

Hessonite– Saturday

Cat’s Eye– Saturday

There are basically four steps we should consider before wearing any gemstone.

The first step is to see that the base of the ring is open while getting gemstone fixed in it. This way it gives you the maximum effect and one should check the ring for size alterations after getting it made.

The second step is to get the ring energized or purified which is also known as Shudhikaran. It is done by chanting various mantras and by performing pooja. It should be done by experts so one is advised to get it done by pundit. download (6)Shudhikaran extincts the negative energy and does not let them surround the gemstone.

The next step which is the third step is to dip the ring in bowl of holy water, gangajal or unboiled milk for 12 to 24 hours

.The fourth and last step is to wear the ring. One is advised to wear the ring on the day as preferred for their planet in morning before sunrise, time which is known as Bramha Muhurata. One should rise and take bath in this period and then stand with bowl kept at clean place and chant 108 mantras of his planet. Like if one wears ruby stone then he should choose Sunday and say mantra “OM SURYAAY NAMAH” 108 times. It is difficult so one is advised to go to the temple and get this step done by pundit for them. Non believers can skip the mantra and wear ring straight.


Many astrologers prescribe to wear Blue sapphire and other gemstones at night but it is advised to wear all the gemstones in day hours. The reason behind it is that if the gemstone causes negative effects over health which it causes within 20 minutes to 8 hours after wearing, one can remove it while he or she is awake. The damage by it can expand if the negative effects occur while in sleep.

ImSakshiArora | Mon, 04/04/2016 - 07:48