Functions Of Earth Chakras

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The Primary Functions of the Seven Earth Chakras

Chakra One: Mt. Shasta
Generates the universal life force prior to its embodiment in biological forms.

Chakra Two: Lake Titicaca
Regulates the introduction of new species and major evolutionary advancements for life on Earth.

Chakra Three: Uluru and Katatjuta
Maintains the vitality and increases the health of all individual beings.

Chakra Four: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury
Develops the ability of individual life forms to interact with each other, with love and compassion, to raise the frequencies of all life on Earth.

Chakra Five: Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mount of Olives
Activates the ability to have direct communication with the Earth Spirit, in order to understand its Will, and to align oneself with that purpose. Dialogue between the host life form – the Earth, and all dependent living beings.

Chakra Six: Aeon Activation Centre
Allows individuals to participate in the major phases of life advancement on Earth, over greater periods of time.
Chakra Seven, Mt. Kailas: Allows complete unity to be established between Earth evolutionary purpose and individual purpose, in dedication to the overcoming of all entropy, to the eternalisation of all life.

Earth Chakras and the Lunar Calendar
Throughout the year, every new and full moon focuses its energies upon a specific earth chakra or major "organ" of the Earth body. It is very useful to coordinate one's activities with this pattern. Meditate upon, or physically visit, these areas once every 2 weeks, at the inception of a new moon or at the culmination of a full moon. Also, for those interested in the planets, these zodiacal attributions can be used to discover other auspicious times for these world sites. For example, note that Capricorn new and full moons are focused on the world solar plexus centre in Australia. Because of this, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn in 2020 AD. is also concentrated on this same chakra - Uluru and Katatjuta.