Freedom from sahaj marg guru shri chariji

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I have followed the system of sahaj marg, guru shri chariji.
I want to pacify the guru now as he developed some negative feelings on me and it is now continued in various forms by means of supernatural powers either it be in form of dreams or warning and what not. It is like Cat and mouse game for me and cat being the guru. It is game for him, but torture for me.
I want to get rid of this tangle sooner, the better for me. Atleast I want to pacify him. I m discovering self hate not the love propagated by him.


Sahaj means spontaneousness

Spontaneous is our breathing, working of our all organs and in normal way our whole inner nature is spontaneous. If outer is not according to inner then that becomes the reason to disturb the inner nature of the person because of unacceptable due to our lacking to accept or unwilling or any other cause. It may be illness or imbalance of energy of centres of consciousness.

In the field of spirituality it is very, very difficult to get real rhythmic divine guide because many of such guides are themselves unrealized souls but they are running their shops of spirituality. Lucky are those who may save themselves from these so called fraudulent guides.

For the solving your problem please talk to your fellow followers (both senior and junior)of your path and also consult MD Physician and Psychiatrist etc.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 05:10
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Thanks for your kind reply

Well, their concept whole works around transmission. The guru warns of consequences of disobedience, well we are small beings and they being high powerful yogis and they expect these things and once they feel like cheated they make hell out of followers. I don't know how others feel, but i say it as black magic. I prayed to them through mails and others way too to forgive and what not. Still he does these black magic tricks on me. He warns followers that he is not like his own guru will do all the ways and means. I did not understand mere reading but now understands its real meaning. He also says he is capable of talking his mind to each and every one.
If guru has powers i dont think it is right to use those powers to show off atleast on humans and that too on followers. guru might be highest realm of spirtuality but what is the use when he uses it and does black magic trick on his own followers even after praying. Please visit their website and also please pay special attention to importance of obidience and all and its impact.

RAJAvsraj | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 05:49
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Can you please refer my agony to your guru

Can you please refer my agony to your guru, I have nothing to do aganist the old man chariji but I want to get out of tangle to pacify him. In a book of them, there is a mention like this where his own guru was angry on a abhyasis and it lasted for a year. But in my case it is more than 4 years now and i have bear the brunt of his anger for any and everything throgh out day and night.

RAJAvsraj | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 05:54
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Spirituality and Spiritualism...

Hi Rajavsraj...

I have been reading your posts for a while now ... and I became a member to post this message to you...

SPIRIT or SPIRITUALIY, if it exists, is another (higher) dimension of REALITY. Along with the illusions (according to some "spiritual" adepts) of (what I call) the temporal REALITY: Mind, Energy (light (electromagnetic), sound, kinetic (motion), etc ....), and Matter (crystal, liquid, gas, plasma, etc...), SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY constitutes what most in our society consider REALITY ...

We know from Einstein's E=mc^2, that Matter and energy can be seen as "similar" and are considered by some "SPIRITUAL" adepts as "illusions" along with TIME, which is simply the measurement of the REALITY that is CHANGE or MOTION.

SPIRITUALISM or SPIRITISM the belief in "spirits", ghosts, angels, demons, etc... and their manifestations in spells, curses, magic, etc... is not part of the SPIRITUAL REALITY but along with matter, energy, TIME, is part of the "illusion". It is not REAl!! It is the game that "scammers" play to gain influence on the unsuspecting, the gullible and those who seek salvation or liberation inside the many (and pleasure-able) illusions that are part of this Life.

See the definitions on Wikipedia:

Spirituality Spiritualism

Some who use SPIRITUALISM usually use energy (in meditation) such as "light" or Mind (sound...words) to influence the matter or the MINDS of themselves and others. Those targeted will also participate in their being influenced by believing (we all want to believe in magic), fearing (the stick), wanting the power (the carrot), or rejecting and feeling "ANGER", which is what the adepts in magic want to create (fear or anger) and hence create a "reaction" ...

Most spiritualists that I have met, have dabbled in "hypnotism" and "mesmerism" ... Including Babuji ... and now Chari. (see on Institute of Shri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC) site:

Sahaj Marg is now a "spiritualist" society with "standards of spiritualism" as part of their "constitution". (see it on-line at:

Information will give you the tools to deal with those who use "magic" to influence you... Still, "in-formation" as the word means, is not "knowledge"!

May you surround yourself with the REALITY of SPIRIT to neutralize the influence of those who use "light" (or matter), or "mind" (sound, words), which is vibrating at a lower frequency than SPIRIT.

Bless you and yours ...


4d-don | Wed, 09/15/2010 - 20:37