Freedom -How to have it

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Meditation should help you just be. That is beyond the mind, which is the freedom you seek.

My master gives a good start to going beyond the mind when he suggests: Feel the movement in your body. Feel the breath going in and out, feel the blood flowing, feel whatever process you can. Your body is whirling with motion, ever molecule a universe of it's own. Place your attention there as much as you can.

If you are getting close to it, you will feel joy, ecstasy. Not a whoop-te-do kind, but a bubbling joy.

It's a start, and a really good one.

Gilana | Sat, 10/16/2010 - 05:29
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Prison ?

There are three types of "Freedoms":
1) Freedom for "Mind"
2) Freedom for "Body"
3) Freedom for "Soul" (Relatively)

There are three types of "Prisons":
1) Laws & Rules by Govt.. & Family etc for the... (mind)
2) Police station & kidnaping etc for the............ (body)
3) Mind & body for the................................... (soul) (Relatively)

In the true sence "Freedom" is only the subject to "Prison", & "Prisons" are the subject to "Time",
When someone finds himself or herself, in which pirticular "Prison", Only then one can struggle with full efforts or wholehertedly to come out.

If the "Prisons" are different, than "Freedoms" are also different,

Yes! we can look for the "Freedoms" for ourself of any type,
But! we can never look for the "Prisons" for ourself of any type...........(Because),

"Prisons" are the subject to "Time",

There was the "Time" when buddha realized the Prison,
Then he started his struggle for the "Truth",

One who realize or experienced that this world or the body or the mind is prison for the "Soul" can struggle to come out.

In the true sence we are enjoying & living your lifes beautifully,

But! Buddha was not living or enjoying his life, Whole life he was in the serch & struggle of "Truth",...Why?
Because by the "Time" he realized or experinced,that this world is like a "Prison" for "Soul" for "Him".


jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 10/17/2010 - 10:02
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what is mind

the first thing is that who is going to be free from control of mind?is it that who is asking this question?but it is the mind which thinks.and mind is the continuity of thoughts.certainly it is mind which is trying to be from slavery.

intelatom | Fri, 10/22/2010 - 08:23
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If u belive in "Soul"
Than only the answer of your first Q: is "Soul"

"Mind" itself is not concious,
"Mind" is not the continuity of Thoughts, The continuity of Thoughts is because of "Mind",

It is "Soul" which tries to be free from slavery of "Mind",
& It is "Mind" which tries to be free from slavery of "Body",

Tho the "Mind" is attached with the sences of "Body" since ages, So as a result both "Mind" & "Body" are barrier for the "Soul" for freedom,

One who practices meditation,
In the first stage the "Conciouness" realeses from the prison of "Body",
In the second stage the "Male-Soul" or "Female-Soul" realeses from the prison of "Mind",
In the Third stage the "Soul" realeses from the prison of "HE" or "She",

Now there is pure "Soul" left,

Now "Soul" demands purely for the husband "God" to mix within,

So, Tom ji,
I hope that you will understand my point,


jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 10/22/2010 - 13:47
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I Agree

Hi jasdhir I agree with your view that it is "Soul" which tries to be free from slavery of "Mind".And both "Mind" & "Body" are barrier to the freedom of "Soul".
Now there may be thousands of ways to achieve this freedom
but unfortunately none of them is easy or works for everyone.You may spend ur whole life trying these ways and still find nothing at the end.This is real pity.So blessed are those who find real freedom.So God bless us all.

leo75 | Fri, 10/22/2010 - 16:48
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Leo ji,

Many roads leads to DELHI (capital of India),
Somebody is standing BOMBAY, Somebody is standing CULLECTA,
Somebody is standing MADRAS, Smobody is standing BANGLORE,
If everbody wants to go DELHI,(freedom).

So, Leo ji, mean to say that:
Yes, different persons can have their different paths,The paths can be more than Thousand, But there are not Thousand ways, The "Way" is only one, that is going towards FREEDOM or(delhi),

Leo ji, What man needs to live a normal avreage life, Bread, clothing & shelter,or some avreage money for some other needs of family like education or sickness etc.. So leo ji, mean to say that:

Difficult is not the "Way" but man has made the "Way" difficult by devloping unwanted needs & Luxries,

One cannot get freedom from unwanted needs or Luxries & mearely talks about the Divine freedom, how can it be possible,

So leo ji, in the true sence leading a normal & average life is difficult for man,

If anybody truely wants to walk on the path of spirituality,
So, he or she should decide to lead an average & normal life first, without the condition of any freedom or any divinity wheather he or she may get or not,
Than only one can achive something on the path of spirituality.

Thats why in my obove post i have written that:
Only the "Soul" who by the "Time" has realized "Mind" & "Body" as prison with grace of "Lord" can walk on this tuff path of spirituality wholeheartedly not any other "Soul",
Only "Soul" who really has falled in "Love" with "Lord" can do these efforts.

Yes! other "Souls" will also realize "prison" someday,
But nothing can happen before "Time",

There is no need to wait for the "Time" to come, it will come automatically, or we can say that it will come with the grace of "Lord",

When the True "Time" comes it gives some syptoms Like:
That person use to remain unhappy from all wordly matters or things, or use to sit alone, like etc etc ......

So, Leo ji, nice to chat with you,Goodbye,


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 10/23/2010 - 07:47
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You are asking me indirectly

You are asking me indirectly to believe in soul,which I will not, without any sound reasoning and evidence.
Your statement that mind is not the continuity of thoughts ,rather being the basis of thoughts presupposes a thinker.and the thinker,i.e.,mind is not being able to stop or control its own thoughts.How pathetic.
According to you soul is the slave of mind and mind is slave of body.Therefore according to you soul is the weakest entity.
Further according to you mind is attached to senses of body since ages,which presupposes the existence of mind and even the senses of body independent of body.and this again goes counter to the common sense.

intelatom | Sat, 10/23/2010 - 08:57
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Tom ji,

Tom ji,
This is not your fault to belive in "Souls" etc...
In fact, No body can belive in "Souls" and start spirituality,without any sound reasoning and evidence.

To Belive in Souls etc.. can only happen with the grace of "God",

I can only say you that you put your request towards "Lord"
He himself can only help you to give sound reasoning and evidence through any source as "He" may wish,

Otherwise i am sure that nothing can happen before "Time"

I also sugesst that do not try to wait for the "Time" to come, It will come automatically or naturelly,
Our job is put request again & again towards "Lord" for the "Truth"

As far as for the common sence in spirituality,i can only say that if spirituality can be achived through common sence, Than there is need for the lakhs of peoples & thousands of false gurus or saints to push or pull each other on the banks of rivers of sacred places in the whole world.

So, Tom ji, nice to have chat with you,


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 10/23/2010 - 11:45
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Dear, you don't have

Dear, you don't have freedom, freedom is vacancy. You don't have these which feel this vacancy. More accurately, you don't mind if there is freedom or not - that is the real freedom.

I know it is tricky, I know it sounds manipulative, like a game of words - it is not. Read the above, this is the gateway to freedom.

shira | Fri, 10/22/2010 - 14:26
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How To Get To That State

I sort of understand what u said there.But unfortunately i dont know how to get to that state where you don't mind if there is freedom or not.Pls suggest some ways of achieving it if u could.Thankx

leo75 | Fri, 10/22/2010 - 16:56
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Whether you like it or not, even this imprisoning by the mind can be an asset for you. A mind can tie itself into so many knots, back itself into such pathetic inescapable corners, bury itself with so many thoughts, fears, and neuroses, leaving you with only enough reasoning to conclude that, with such a diseased mind, there is no point in existing, absolutely no point in existing with such a useless tool to survive by in this world.

So only 2 options remain then. Death being the obvious one. Which, is often begged for before the other option is ever even considered.

B-friend | Sat, 10/23/2010 - 08:01
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The other option...

The other option being Acceptance. Utter Acceptance.

..And accepting the lesson that the mind is actually what you, however unwittingly, fought hard to discover it to be..Unworthy and useless. Unworthy of your attention and useless for leading you to peace. You have discovered the thief and you could care less to give that thief another thought.

From this ground, portal, gateway, psychological shift, what have you, one can, with clarity, finally begin to disentangle their self identification with mind. From this ground, one can, with clarity, begin to understand that you cannot be what the mind has always thought yourself to be or into being. This DISLODGING of self identification with mind stuff allows for the ground of Self Enquiry to become wonderfully fertile. It may very well be the ground that flowers the question or "state of enquiry", if you will, "who am I", since "I" have found that "I" cannot be who this dreadful trickster has always thought myself to be.

For the types stuck in mind, this dislodging might not be pleasant. For some, it may come easily..and easier for those who hear similar things from teachers who are realized. It is a blessing nonetheless. It is a tremendous blessing and a wonderful lesson to have learned.

B-friend | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 06:44