Finding a Guru

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I need a guru, Can any body give some tips on finding one.


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what? when? where?

look at the guru section here and see what feels good for you.

Otherwise, how can u expect to be given a recommendation when you don't bother to give any basic details about you and about what you are looking for.

robert | Sun, 04/03/2011 - 07:52
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Looking for a Guru

I current live in Laguna Hills Ca. My email id . I am looking for a Guru who can guide me towards realization. It can be through Raja yoga or Kundalini Yoga or jnana yoga.

gopibj | Sun, 04/03/2011 - 15:14
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Go to India

Can you give some background? What made you desire realization? Experiences?

Though there are many teachers in LA, I would recommend you to pack some stuff and if you can hit the road and fly to India, even for a short time in the beginning. It will make the matter much more effective and significant.

A word of caution: it is great that you find within a need for a living guru, don't give up on that. There will be those theoreticians who will advise you against having a guru, will give you all sorts of reasons why it doesn't matter (the guru is within etc.), they will also advise against going away saying that location is not important. They are right in the absolute metaphysical realm but our minds that govern us right now and need a counterbalance are in the relative physical realm and so there a living guru and location are important.

Annie | Tue, 04/05/2011 - 06:35
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Finding a Guru

Dear Annie,

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate your detailed reply. I will think about your advise.


gopibj | Wed, 04/06/2011 - 13:46
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I agree - India

I agree - India. The collective mind there makes things easier in terms of setting the right devotional state of mind and finding a guru. It just happens there beyond your control, if, of course, you are willing to release control a little bit for some time.

The collective mind in the area of LA makes things more difficult, although there is the collective suffering there that can make things more rapid.

sisi | Fri, 04/08/2011 - 08:38
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Looking for a Guru

I current live in Laguna Hills CA USA.

gopibj | Sun, 04/03/2011 - 15:17
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Finding a REAL Guru who gives REAL Shaktipat

There is only one. Maybe a few others but very few. These days there are not many. Real Shaktipat is nothing strange in experiance-yet it is very very powerful the most powerful spiritual experiance anyone can have. It is the divine. It is healing the whole body otherwise kundalini will not dwell in the body. It alters the mind into a strong divine will and invincibility and ofcourse the two combined give blissfulness. However, if abused it will misalign and act on it's own will in bizare ways without it serving gracefully anymore and refusing to be controlled- maybe effecting normal health. Once you have the power nurture it or never ask for it. The only guru I know who has REAL Shakti is Srinivas Arka a charitable person but even he will not freely give it. He has a website.

Isha | Thu, 05/12/2011 - 16:51
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A guru who gives shaktipat is not a real guru, he is a technician

lilian | Thu, 05/12/2011 - 22:11
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Why do you think so? What

Why do you think so?
What should give "real Guru" according to you?

Jay Shri Krishna! Jay Ambe!

Shiv_Sharanya | Fri, 06/03/2011 - 06:46
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The real doesn't give anything

He should give nothing, he can give nothing, he can just point.

lilian | Fri, 06/03/2011 - 13:50
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sounds sad

Thats sounds sad. :) Who restrict Guru? If Guru "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshath Parambrahma" then who can restrict him?

Jay Shri Krishna! Jay Ambe!

Shiv_Sharanya | Sat, 06/04/2011 - 07:55
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Who ?

Who told you, that you are in need of G U R U ???
Why not ask him, actually he is your G U R U, you cannot trust anybody, this is your helplessness and mine too.


jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 05/13/2011 - 13:39
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Finding a guru

Some people need Shaktipat. Not because it is a search for meaning and the divine but they have involuntarily had an experiance of kundalini Shakti. For example in their sleep. (Those who have worked for it know how to get it back- by popping the belly area.) So they do not know how to go about to get it again- they simply need to heal their life. Of course if you have never had it then it is just the same. Sometimes a misaligned kundalini or one not in control causes psychic disturbances in life that effect mood, sleep, etc. and you do not become a healthy human being over the years. Yes, there is a biological explanation and it is technical from that respect. Jana Dixon has researched this convincingly. It is the most powerful and mind changing spiritual force known. A divine will, strengthened will and healing of the body, combination of which give bliss, peace and happiness not of this world. Know any persons or gurus who can give Shakti?

Isha | Sat, 05/14/2011 - 17:06
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>>>Know any persons or gurus who can give Shakti?<<<

>>>Know any persons or gurus who can give Shakti?<<<



jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 06/03/2011 - 09:18
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Dear Sir,

I would like to share this information with you.

I have been meditating since the age of 16. My Guru’s name is Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru.

His Divine Grace (HDG) has been giving Yoga Shakti Meditation ( Rajayoga Transcendental Meditation) to many people. It started about 15 years ago. HDG has been empowering individuals ever since. The current news that we have got is that the last Meditation empowerment session might be this April. HDG did 27 years of research on how Yoga Shakti can help ordinary human beings. Through God's Grace, HDG had their blessings to share it with us.

If you were to do your own research, nowhere in the world is such an empowerment session being done. No one can empower thousands of people at one go. No one has the ability to activate another individual's chakras. This is why people travel all the way from America, London, Australia, Africa and many other countries to attend this empowerment session. Around the world, all meditation centers and yoga centers teach people the techniques of breathing but no one empowers their disciples. This breathing is called Pranayama. Up till this very day, HDG is the only one who empowers his disciples such that they have the ability to trap Pranic energy while doing Pranayama. Pranic energy is Universal energy.

HDG is not just a Sitthar but a Thalaimai Sitthar as HDG is the only one in the world who can perform all eight astama siddhis (levitation, being at two places at once, the ability to become the size of an atom etc). In fact, this is going to be shown to the whole world in April.

The basic benefits of meditation are, Good health, Peaceful mind etc. However, this meditation has extra benefits. All one has to do is meditate daily for 10 mins to achieve what they want. There are no restrictions.

The other additional methods one can do to help themselves in times of need are, Charge water, Self-Healing,Subconscious Programming,Study Method and Kavasam (a protective shield which protects one from harm 24 hours). All of these are only 5 mins.
Most importantly, meditation is a connection with God.

Also, by practicing the mega meditation given by Guru, one can attain Mukti. The one and only Guru in the world who can offer a disciple this.

If you are interested and would like to know more about it or would like to register for the last session, I will be more than happy to send you the details.
This is the London website.

Thank you,

i have a real Guru | Tue, 02/28/2012 - 05:10
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I would be very careful of

I would be very careful of this guru and of such systematic recommendations from RPT, see my detailed response in

lagrima | Tue, 02/28/2012 - 05:53
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It's not bad at all.......

You get real Kundalini power but it's up to your own effort and ingenuity to discover the benefits.

belovedofgod | Mon, 04/09/2012 - 09:16
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Very good

Yes, very good and good luck to you.

Isha | Fri, 03/02/2012 - 15:10
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Lagrima, don't talk like that about my brothers and sisters.

Isha | Wed, 03/14/2012 - 11:46
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Why not? Truth can never

Why not? Truth can never harm.

lagrima | Wed, 03/14/2012 - 13:32
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Truth is not black and white

Are you talking about the right kind of truth? Truth is not of this world but a reality from God that lifts you in the Spirit; the world is passing by with every moment who knows the future, but it lies within your personal relationship with the divine. The devil tells you lies but God tells you truth. These are eastern faiths religions and they are as vast as Christian sects they are not devil worshippers. Yes, they handle the devil in a different way even more courageously and successfully than Christians. People on this site are from various experiances and walks of life with Spirituality or may not even have grasped one understanding and may be a beginner. Tomorrow they may become Buddists who knows until they share with us. One path may not suit everyone it is an endless search like infinity itself. If you are not happy with someone's experiance then choose to pass and forgive, only you will grow.

Isha | Sat, 03/17/2012 - 17:54
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What about 'Gurudev'?

Has anyone heard of or know Kundalini Guru from Tirupati Vishva Sant Brahmrishi Sri Guruanand Swamy. 'Gurudev'? Found a flyer. Investigating to see if he has the real 'nectar'. God! if he has and will give (Shakti). It would be better than dreams! An end to the old self and become as the divine wills.

Isha | Sun, 06/10/2012 - 12:44
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Re: Finding a Guru

Why do you need a Guru when you can become a Guru. Get registered under Guru's profile and you will become a Guru at least on

Nathyogi | Tue, 09/23/2014 - 09:21
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Gurus (Teacher, Guide) are

Gurus (Teacher, Guide) are all over the place. You will have to decide which one is right for you. You'll know. The true Guru will always point to you, the Guru within, and not himself.

Christmas | Sat, 10/11/2014 - 21:28
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Well said

I would add that an external guru can manifest not only as an old sage or a sage or a person. It can be a pet living with you, a book, your boss or an employee. The external guru is a function, not necessarily a person who is officially a guru or knows that he is functioning as a guru for you.

The only real function of the external guru is to point to the guru within you, the sadguru. Some don't need this external guru, they already have a clear connection with it without having the mind distorting the connection. Some are addicted to the external guru, thinking that it's all that is necessary and missing the following to the guru within.

Last thing, sometimes you will find out that the external guru you chose was a disappointment or even not a "real guru". This is nonsense of course as the very fact that you chose him is the key. Understanding why you were tempted to choose him is your lesson and sometimes it's what will direct you to your guru within.

mika | Sun, 10/12/2014 - 07:17