Exposition of the New Testament and the Gnostic Gospels

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Hi Brethren,


I like attending religious Conferences especially in Europe and have been attending Kirchentags in Germany since 1984. I enjoy meeting people. We need to Preach Gospel as we are approaching END TIMES. The definite Sign of this is the establishment of Israel according to Matt.13.v24-30 that at the End of the Age, I will bundle up the Tares, sons of Satan, for Final burning. These Jews of flesh or outwardly are bundled up in Israel and you will see their character how they maltreat Palestinians.

In fact, Messianic Jews corrupted Christianity when they bring in the Jewish leaven, the Old Testament, into the Churches and starting to produce dead in spirit Disciples in Christ Jesus. Whereas Christ Jesus produced Workers for the Vineyard of God, the Apostles. These Messianic Jews killed Apostles by throwing them before the animals and instead of Servants in Jesus; they became Cruel Masters, Popes, etc, in Christ Jesus.

That is what Christ Jesus stressed that Light came among his own but they loved DARKNESS.

Holocausts and other killing were the Blind guides leading the blind into the Pits of death. No one is to be blamed than the Messianic Jews themselves who became evil – Matt.12.v43-45.

I have produced a graphic presentation for easy understanding:-


I have produced over 1800 Youtube Videos proclaiming Gospel and if you are interested in joining hands, please do so. My services are FREE as my Father Pays me in Gospel Treasures that rest in my heart. You too can have those Treasures if you Seek. I have done the exposition of all the New Testament and Gnostic Gospels. My lectures, services to produce documentaries, films, etc are FREE. Dog-Collared Priests in Churches work for and they are slave to Mammon and hypocritically pretend that they are serving God. Paul worked as a Tent Maker to earn his living and He was not a Parasite on widow’s mite, the charity, or donations of devotees. God needs devotional Service and not of a hireling.

Wake up from slumber and produce Fruit worthy of our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus to whom the hypocrite sons of Satan address as Lord Jesus Christ. There is no Lord in the Royal Kingdom of God. Father loves and He is merciful, Mother, Holy Spirit sets us FREE and so came the Son, Christ Jesus to set us FREE. Messianic Jews made Jesus, the Super Servant, and a Lord in order to lord over people to justify their killing.

I just produced two special Playlists. One is on "Why Christ Jesus washed the feet of His Workers?" and the other is on the Baptism of John, the Baptist in water that was meant for Jews only.



God Bless you all.

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Don't mean to rain on your parade Brother but I just can't justify pointing the finger at anyone as a proclamation of the Gospel regardless of how they might have earned it.

We all have our own degrees of Unbelief to deal with, and before we go pointing at the sins of others we may want to consider the cleanliness of our own vessel first.

Christ is not a good old boys club but the savior of the world and the Body of Christ is an Immortal Being and not a religious institution...

That's all I'm saying...

Blahnanda | Sun, 01/30/2011 - 02:16