Exactly one year to go until world ends - how to prepare

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Today is a special day. Today, 21/12/2011, is exactly one year before 21/12/2012, the predicted day in which the world is supposed to end/reborn according to the Mayan calendar.

Until now all signs fulfilled. The Arab spring, the earthquakes, the tsunamis, the nuclear issues.

According to my calculations, the upcoming weeks will bring with them extraordinary problematic events, you will see. You will be able to make use of these preliminary events to practice non-attachment and letting go in preparation for 21/12/2012, don't waste these opportunities. Make all you can to develop spiritually through these events towards 21/12/2012 - not with physical survival in mind, but with spiritual awakening in soul.

It's time to take this seriously. I know some of you are skeptical and shrug it off. I wish you could know my track record better and understand that I am serious and I am always accurate in what I forecast.

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end of the world?

this is only my take on it,that 2012 is not the end of the world it's the end of the antichrist not a man but a period of spiritual darkness where war, greed, selfishness are rife, no respect for one another in any form, the spirit in man was flickering and those in power tried to keep us in fear. these Awakenings around the globe are spiritual awakenings where people are no longer afraid, they want to live in peace and harmony and look at each other as brother and sister,to help one another,feed one another and care for one another as children of God. this is why I think we have the 99% to bring back balance and Awaken Christ Consciousness in all of us once again. If you can try reading Swami Sri Yukteswar the Holy Science it might give you a different view on it.

Om shanti

Shogon | Wed, 12/28/2011 - 11:03