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Hi All,

Normally I would say that pushy marketing is a bit ugly, but I feel that I have something to share that makes it worth it -- but you can pass judgement after you read and listen.

The link, here it is:


And you can listen to this music on YouTube, too:


(There should be a new video made with the paintings very soon, I would hope)

And finally, another music video featuring her paintings:


One thing to note: We have in our Hindu tradition this concept called "Dakshina". You might have heard about it. Basically, when we receive something, it says (especially something spiritual), we should always offer something back -- just because it's fair, but more selfishly, because we will get more out of that which we honor and deserve.

Jai Maa, and I hope you enjoy.

“The Music of an Angel”

If an Angel were to sing, most would be entranced, I would imagine. Me too, also I would imagine. But, in my mind, there is a seed of doubt. How could a wave crashing against a seashore compare to the weight of the full ocean hitting that seashore? How could the leaf of a plant contain an even noticeable amount of nutrients compare to the whole interconnected root system of the entire planet or the whole of the cosmos? And how could the joy expressed by one ordinary being’s smile compare to the vastness of ecstasy compared to every being in the whole infinite, inconceivable cosmos?