Every spiritual preacher should keep Guru Datta as the guide.

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Every spiritual preacher should keep Guru Datta as the guide.

Every spiritual preacher should keep Guru Datta as the guide. People should follow the preacher but should not be the reverse. In this Kali Yuga the system is reversed. The husband follows wife. The father follows the son. The teacher follows the students. The preacher follows the devotees. The aim of the teacher in the present colleges is to please his students so that his job will be safe with better salary. The teacher is evaluated with the extent of happiness of the students. The teacher is not bothered about inducing the knowledge in to students. You must evaluate a teacher by the performance of the students in the final examinations.

Similarly the spiritual preacher should be evaluated by the extent of devotion and sacrifice for the sake of God that is developed in the devotees which alone is going to give the divine fruit. The teacher should be congratulated even if one student passes in the class but that one student gets gold medal from the University. In the present system of spiritual preachers all the students are temporarily happy through out the academic year but all are failing in the final examinations. The preacher is giving mental and physical health so that one can enjoy the world with full vigor.

Gita condemns such life of enjoyment of worldly pleasures which are temporary and have to be left in the death. Even the heaven is temporary (Kamatmanah…., Kshene Punye ….Gita). Such people are atheists and were called as the followers of Purvamimamsa. All the Vedas and rituals are meant only for the temporary heavenly pleasures in this line. Shankara condemned this line by defeating Mandana. He diverted the same line towards the achievement of the grace of God. Similarly the present spiritual preachers should continue their work shops but should extend the same towards devotion to attain the grace of God. The stress relief in the present workshop is only a sedative tablet to sleep and forget the problems. But the devotion to God will solve the problems forever. The former is preliminary anesthesia (sedative) to be given in the beginning and the latter is the actual surgery done to remove the problem of illness permanently.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony

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