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AS PER NISARGADATTA THEIR IS NO BIRTH THEREFORE QUESTION OF REBIRTH DOES NOT ARISE and that their is no volition in this world. If it be so where is the need to acquire spiritual knowledge, do sadhana, sacrifice pleasure of the world, follow writefull path etc. After death both JNANI and sinner are taken as same as the CONSCIOUSNESS which came as a diesease with the birth of the body will vanish with its death.Can any one through light on the same specifically as per teaching of Shri NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ and Shri RAMANA MAHARISHI.What will happen with the death of this body.If CONSCIOUSNESS manifests only with the birth of this body then what about so called Spirits, ghosts etc. who act similar to that of human being even after death. Who can also conversate, help others.How does they retain CONSCIOUSNESS, which MAHARAJ does not accept. Is their any rebirth what happens after death of physical body, how long does it take for re-birth in relative terms, what they do during this period.