End of the Age in 2012 Possible.

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End of the Age in not far away and many predictions are being fulfilled.

New Testament in Matt.13.v24-30 clearly states that when the End of the World approaches, I will Bundle up the Tares, sons of Satan and Burn them. Today, they are bundled up in Israel and their burning is not far away.

By maltreating Palestinians, there shall be no doubt in the minds of people that they are the Tares.

This attack on Iraq was not for oil but to protect Israel. This was the first attack of Aggressors under the cover of WMD.

Second attack would be done by Israel itself around 21 December, 2010, then the Real Tribulations in the World leading to Atomic War when a third world country would attack Israel.

All the Jews from the world would be forced to take refuge in Israel taking with them their money creating a chaos in the world's financial sector.

Rest our Father knows BETTER.