An Easy Centering Exercise

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This exercise is an easy and practical tool to utilize your body to change the state of your mind. The mind-body link allows changes in the body to positively affect the mind. Centering our awareness on the body and its functions, we can release troubling and uncomfortable emotions through the use of the breath to modulate consciousness and emotion in the body. The method uses diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing. It’s a fact that the body releases about 80% of the toxins in our body through the use of breath. The oxygen works to release the toxins usually through our largest surface, our skin. A deep and natural breath enhances this process.

The Practice:
Take a comfortable position (even the horizontal position is good), in which you can relax easily.
Begin the practice by stretching your stomach. Practice inflating your stomach to the limit and then contracting it to its maximum. Do this about 20 times slowly, and you will notice that the breathing process is a little easier.
Now that your muscles have relaxed slightly, think of a troubling emotional situation and keep it in your mind. Try to return to that situation. Feel that emotion as strongly as you can. Intensify the feeling as much as possible.
While holding that feeling in your body and mind, begin to breathe with your belly. Inhaling a breath expands your stomach out as far as possible, and breathing out collapses your stomach to the maximum. Take in as much air as possible with each breath, breathing at a normal pace.
Practice such kind of breathing for at least five minutes. If you lose track of your breathing and your mind wanders, bring it back to the situation you were focusing on. You want to “breathe through” that emotion. This will release you from this troubling emotion.