Earth Chakras

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Earth Chakras: Introduction
The Earth is a living being, with its own creative, evolutionary will, and with its own methods for enacting that purpose. If we look at nature, we discover that design and innovation – the architect and the inventor - are at work. What is the goal of this effort? Alone, among the planets in the solar system, Earth is the matrix for life. What are the maximum potentialities for life? It is the true will of the Earth to find the answers to this question, and to communicate these results to other laboratories of life throughout the universe.
Before we proceed any further, an important issue must be addressed: Do you believe that the Earth is alive? If so, is this a good thing? Lions and tigers and bears… do we really want to introduce another species? Humans have sought to dominate and control all other species. What if they can’t enslave the Earth? Horror of horrors – what if the Earth can not be controlled, and doesn’t favour the human race over other species? Some people fear death; others fear life. What if Earth’s experiments within the laboratory of life are not yet complete?
Trust is the foundation, or prerequisite, for communication. Does the Earth have any good reason to trust you? If so, then it becomes possible to learn the art of listening to the Earth. The Earth is not afraid; it has no secrets. Yet the enigma of life remains… Listen to the word of the Earth, and unveil the mystery of life. Trust the Earth. Harmonise your own individual purpose with the Earth's will. When trust is mutual between yourself and the Earth, then communication becomes revelatory in its power – the Opener of the Way removes all obstacles between the present situation and the Holy Grail. Find the Grail, and you will understand the purpose of the Earth.
How does the Earth communicate its information to other species? If we study the living structure of the world, as an organism, then we will know where and when to listen. It takes energy to transmit information. The greatest concentrations of energy encoded with information are emanating from the great Earth Chakras.