Earnestness in the spiritual path

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Relatively speaking.....
The progress in the path of spirituality varies from person to person. It greatly depends on your Sanchita Karma (Balance Karma yet to fructify), Agami Karma (Karma done in this birth) and Prarabhda Karma (Karma taken out for this birth). A room may consist of dust, scraps, wastes and unwanted things etc. when we try to clean it, the time taken would depend on the speed at which we as well as the machine used for the purpose works. Our progress will depend on all these aspects and others. A spiritual aspirant who starts in the spiritual path at a later date with his dedication, sincerity, honesty, earnestness etc. may overtake us, if we lag behind in our efforts. Their is no point in complaining and blaming others. Trust in the guru. He can speed up the awakening with or without your effort(except dedication, sincerity, honesty, earnestness etc.which is expected from you). Go Ahead with your Trust on your Guru and other Saints and attain the Enlightment.

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The very idea that what's most important (God, Enlightenment, Truth, Awareness, whatever you call it) is a thing that exists out there somewhere, which you must reach by following a path. This idea can itself be questioned.

After all, if I want to get to Berkeley California, the first thing I must examine is where I am right now. Who knows, I may already be in Berkeley!


RandomStu | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 23:45
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Random is right. The more

Random is right. The more complex you make this imaginary path to somewhere, the harder it will be for you to finally notice there is no path and nowhere to go, nothing to acomplish or learn. Keep it simple and open.

Phroggy | Sun, 09/13/2009 - 04:09